The Sim

Whereas the Nova would be assigned missions related to planetary surveying, secondary contact missions, and things of a more scientific nature, the Rhode Island could realistically be deployed anywhere a large starship simply could not be spared, and perform a variety of mission profiles. Like the Nova, the Rhode Island also comes with a Waverider shuttle, a subatmospheric craft capable of match speeds. This adds a great deal of versatility to the small compliment of auxiliary craft on the Rhode Island class.

The USS Tornado is a player created story that evolves every mission towards a new direction. It's unique concept that every action has it's own reaction makes it quite impossible to list up a season of missions. Because the player is in charge of plausible plot twist that is under guidance of the Game Master Patrick & Assistant Game Masters Brad & Nate. Patrick is a veteran writer that has led simulations such as Coral Sea, Aurora and Searcher for years. On this simulation he leads the crew with Captain Ryoko Takato. Brad is a passionately devoted writer who has been with the Tornado for over six months. Nate is a former Commanding Officer that has decided to commit his time into the Tornado and his vast experience is a good addition towards the team.

Winner of the following Awards:
Task Force Sim of The Month (August-2015)

Task Force Sim of The Month (April-2016)

Task Force Sim of The Month (October-2016)

Bravo Fleet Admiralty Sim of The Month (September-2017)