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Lieutenant JG Liam Harrison

Name Liam Harrison

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Raeyan
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 11in
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Liam is of somewhat average height and weight for a man his age, He is not physically built, but he does have a slim and tone body from his daily exercise routine. He has fast reflexes and amazingly good dexterity from programming.

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Spouse Lieutenant Tyler Vorran (Fiancé)
Father Jon Harrison
Mother Samantha Harrison
Other Family -

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liam is incredibly intelligent, having one of the highest IQs in Starfleet. He is an incredibly talented programmer and engineer. Liam is also a very charming and handsome man, who is able to maintain a thriving professional life and a social life, when he adjusts in to his new assignment.

He rarely gets angry or annoyed, he always looks at things with a clear head so he can properly analyze it. He makes friends quite easily with his cool headed and sarcastic personality. Liam likes to play games with his fellow crewmen, both literally and intellectually. He will challenge you as much as he can.

Being fresh out of Starfleet Academy, Liam is arrogant and acts all knowing because he has just learnt the material he thinks is needed for the real world. Despite his arrogance, he still has a respect for his superiors.

Along with his arrogance, he also has a daredevil and rebellious side to him. He immature and has little experience with formality - something that even the Academy could not help.

Liam identifies as a bisexual, having had equally enjoyable intimate relationships with both sexes. However, he hasn't had a serious relationship with anyone since high school. Since Tyler, of course.

Service Record 2367 - Born, Raeya
2385 - Starfleet Academy (Operations & Engineering)
2388 - Ensign - Operations Officer, USS Tornado
2388 - Ensign - Engineering Officer, USS Tornado

- Starship Repair I
- Starship Operational Management I & II
- Computer Science I & II
- Starship Aeronautics & Design I