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Ensign Ixelom Vejeem

Name Ixelom Vejeem

Position Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tellarite
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11
Weight 50kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Ixelom is a fairly typical Tellarite female. She is short and stocky, much shorter than most humanoids or even most Tellarites. While sufficiently fit to qualify as a Starfleet officer, Ixelom nevertheless has a considerable distaste for exercise and is slightly overweight for a Tellarite of her age and height.


Father Sanjen Gahuvo
Mother Hertyu Kutuzov
Brother(s) Astrur Vejeem
Kestrin-lao Vejeem
Lonhurij Vejeem
Tenerol Vejeem (deceased)
Buttah Vejeem
Sister(s) Jemmas Vejeem
Isolak Vejeem
Yannat Vejeem
Kel-sin Vejeem
Other Family Many uncles, aunts and cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ixelom has been described by many, from her closest family to her comrades, as "fearless". While not as enthusiastic of the art of "social wrestling" as most Tellarites (what humans would refer to as "yelling incoherently"), Ixelom's outright aggression in a social context has earned her an infamous reputation among more conservative Starfleet officers. Ixelom's personal philosophy is that she prefers direct speech at all times, even if others would prefer otherwise.

Of course, Ixelom is fully aware of her own social tendencies. While tolerated (and indeed considered quite attractive) on Tellar, Ixelom has developed the ability to co-habitate with her fellow non-Tellarite officers without inciting murderous rage. As a counselor, she is capable of moulding her personality and speech to suit her patient and the situation, a skill which has earned her laurels for her diplomatic skills during Academy simulations.

For all of her bluntness, Ixolem is nevertheless a compassionate individual. She cares deeply for her patients, and has found difficulty disassociating herself in a professional manner.

Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS
Highly intelligent: specialised in Exotic Alien Psychology, Non-Federation Cultures, Galactic History and fully qualified as a Starfleet counselor.
Fearless: Ixelom is seemingly impossible to intimidate or influence, possessing considerable force of personality. She has yet to face battle or a serious life-threatening situation, leaving uncertainty whether she will have comparable courage in a crisis.
Very compassionate: Ixelom is capable of exceptional compassion.

Limited knowledge: while highly capable in her own profession, Ixelom's knowledge of other Starfleet disciplines is limited at best. She only has the most basic training required by regulations.
Physically insufficient: while fit enough to satisfy Starfleet regulations, Ixelom only just qualified during her most recent physical. She is physically weak due to her size and her stamina is poor.
Often aggravating: while Ixelom does work to avoid aggravating her colleagues, it is sometimes unavoidable.
Ambitions Ixelom has a fervent fascination with alien cultures, and has a long-term aspiration to serve as the chief counselor on one of the large starships assigned to deep space multi-year missions.
Hobbies & Interests Ixelom has a passionate interest in Tellarite Gek-Pon (compared often to Terran rugby or American Football), as well as being a music and book afficionado.

Personal History Born in a large family on Tellar, Ixelom was not very notable. She was the fifth child her parents produced, and the second girl. She was the second Starfleet officer in the family after her older brother Kestrin-lao, as well as following the family tradition of entering medicine at her father's urging.

As Ixelom grew up, however, she discovered that she had a different view of the world than most. She was blunt and direct, like most Tellarites, but disliked arguments for arguments sake. She was highly intelligent, but disdained learning things that she felt were unnecessary to her profession. More importantly, she was compassionate. In a utopian Tellar, where mental illness was increasingly rare, Ixelom wanted to do more.

At the age of 20, she enlisted in Starfleet Academy and eventually graduated to become a highly qualified counselor, filled with the urge to explore, to help, and simply to live life to the fullest.
Service Record 2364: Born on Tellar.
2382: Graduated from Tyulur University with a degree in General Psychiatry. Worked as an intern in a small hospital on Tellar.
2383: Attempted and failed the Starfleet entrance exam.
2384: Passed the Starfleet entrance exam and enlisted at Starfleet Academy.
2386: Reprimanded for insurbordinate behaviour.
2388: Graduated from Starfleet Academy as a fully qualified counselor with associated specialisations in Non-Federation Cultures and Exotic Alien Psychology. Assigned to USS Tornado.