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Ensign Stanislaw Wisniewski

Name Stanislaw Melchior Wisniewski

Position Matter/Energy Systems Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9”
Weight 10st 1lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A thin, slight man, Stanislaw's presence is understated but neat, a quiet engineer whose uniform is always immaculate, a fact that is slightly inexplicable considering he spends much of his job crawling around through Jefferies tubes and cleaning up the inevitable mess made by malfunctioning replicators.
Stanislaw's long face is dominated by his large, tawny eyes, long slender nose and small, unsmiling mouth. His hair is black and curly, cropped neatly and closely to his head and his skin, though well cared for, is a slightly sickly pale, a product of years spent in space. Stanislaw is also recognisable by the fragrant smells that follow him around, the result of his penchant for exotic perfumes bought on shore leave or custom synthesised via the vessel's replicators.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Radoslaw Josef Wisniewski
Mother Katherine Wisniewska
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Maternal grandfather - Edward Cray
Paternal grandfather - Marian Wisniewski
Paternal grandmother - Sylwia Wisniewska

Personality & Traits

General Overview A reserved loner, Stanislaw is nevertheless a polite and well spoken member of the engineering team. His somewhat shy appearance nevertheless conceals a man who is fearless under fire and cool under the most intense of situations. In day-to-day interactions, Stanislaw has something of an aristocratic manner about himself, carrying himself in a dignified manner and speaking with a tongue honed by many a childhood elocution lesson. His relationships with fellow crew members are typically cordial but at an arm's length. It is also notable that, though he keeps a visage of serenity, Stanislaw has a long memory for past events, and has been known to hold private grudges for years.
Strengths & Weaknesses Technical adeptness, courage and a polite, inoffensive manner are Stanislaw's primary strengths in his positions. He attends to his duties conscientiously and with commitment, playing his part in the smooth running of the vessel on which he serves. A single-minded drive to excel shows itself both in his work and in his hobbies.
When either himself or his ship is in combat, Stanislaw is well known for maintaining a steely discipline; a strange calm seems to fall around him, even if the ship is falling apart around him.
His most glaring weakness is his difficulty in working with other people, often becoming a lone wolf in what should be team efforts, a fact that has had unfortunate consequences in the past (see service record)
Ambitions Stanislaw regards his rank of Ensign with particular shame, and his immediate goal is to work to rehabilitate himself back into a more senior commission. Longer term he courts the idea of having a captain's chair of his own, though his trouble with showing leadership skills makes this a distant prospect at best.
Hobbies & Interests Stanislaw the engineer's passion extends beyond his post into his hobbies, drawing up proposed upgrades for ships, building gadgets from bits and bobs and reading technical material on ships past and present.
Stanislaw the gentleman dabbles in perfumery, fencing and phaser marksmanship, spending a not-insignificant time on the holodeck rehearsing for the time when he might have to demand satisfaction. Generally though, the favourite way to spend his off-duty hours is nestled in a comfortable seat with a glass of synthehol port and nothing to interrupt him from his technical manuals.

Personal History Stanislaw Melchior Wisniewski was born on 24th June 2357 in Łódź, Poland to Radoslaw and Katherine Wisniewski. At the age of 7, the family moved to Dundee, Scotland, Katherine's ancestral home. At 11, Stanislaw was sent to boarding school in southern England and received a privileged education and, by most accounts, largely disliked the experience. Leaving school at 16, Stanislaw surprised his parents by signing on as a crewman on board the freighter Atlas for technical experience with a view to joining Starfleet. This he did at 18, enrolling as a cadet in 2375 for a five year engineering course, at whose end he would come out a lieutenant junior grade.

His first assignment as a matter/energy systems specialist was aboard the Nebula-class ship USS Singapore, operating in the Alpha Quadrant, where he soon earned a reputation as an officer who, though was sometimes poor at communicating, did a respectable and thorough job, enough that come the end of 2383, he had reached the rank of lieutenant commander and was promoted to the post of assistant chief engineering officer.

Stanislaw further distinguished himself in early 2384 when, in response to suspicious activity, the Singapore entered a ship graveyard composed mainly of leftovers from the Dominion war was set upon by a materially superior forces of an illegal scavenger operation. Attacked by two partially reactivated Jem'Hadar ships, the Singapore was subject to repeated attacks began to sustain crippling damage as she was forced to make a stand as her warp core became compromised early on in the battle. It was due to Stanislaw's power management efforts and ability to jerry-rig solutions on an engineering deck that was both aflame and exposed to open space that ensured that the ship's auxiliary power systems were able to fill the deficit from the warp core, and allowed the ship to soldier on until reinforcements could arrive. For this action Stanislaw would receive a commendation and a promotion to commander.

Stanislaw would not hold onto his rank for long however; the signs that he was unsuitable for positions of leadership had long been in place, and it took a horrific accident for the truth to be finally acknowledged. A month after the battle, Stanislaw was supposed to be supervising two new ensigns, replacements for crew lost to the scavengers, in a servicing of the ship's reserve batteries. Instead, the commander left the pair to get on with it with little instruction, preferring to go off to replace a burnt out conduit himself. In his absence, the ensigns managed to overload a battery, the resulting corrosive and toxic explosion causing major damage to the ship. Fortunately neither ensign lost their lives, but both suffered permanent scarring and life-changing injuries.

The resulting investigation and court martial was swift in placing the blame on Stanislaw's head, and he was stripped of his rank and suspended pending a final decision on what should be done. In hindsight, Stanislaw got off lightly. After a period of intense-retraining, he was eventually cleared for service again in 2085 as an engineering officer on board the military transport USS Jericho. After three years of good service, it became apparent to Captain T'Lin that Stanislaw's mind was being wasted aboard her ship and advised him to apply for a transfer to a front line ship. It is at this point that, aided by the captain, Stanislaw put in a request to join the USS Tornado .
Service Record 2375 – Enrols at Starfleet Academy on a five year engineering officer's course, majoring in replicator application.

2380 – Graduates as a lieutenant junior grade from the Academy. Assigned to the nebula-class patrol vessel USS Singapore under Captain Graves as a matter/energy systems specialist.

Late 2381 – Promoted to lieutenant. USS Singapore continues in its patrol and enforcement duties in the Alpha Quadrant.

Late 2383 – Promoted to lieutenant commander and reassigned as assistant chief engineering officer.

2384 – Battle at the ship graveyard. Subsequent promotion to commander for role in the fighting.

Mid 2384 – Convicted of negligence by military tribunal after accident in engineering. Demoted to ensign and suspended.

Early 2385 – Re-attends Starfleet Academy for retraining with specific focus on crew safety and leadership.

Late 2385 – Assigned to the transport USS Jericho as an engineering officer under Captain T'Lin. Spends first year under probation.

2388 – Requests transfer to USS Tornado as a matter/energy systems specialist