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Meera Deloria

Name Meera Deloria

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7 meters
Weight 74 kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Standing slightly taller than most women, Meera has the typical green skin tone of her people, though she has tempered this appearance with the rigorous training required of a Federation Marine. Her typical wear when not in uniform tends to be practical wear, generally being cargo pants and a simple shirt. She also is generally seen wearing a small device on her that is designed to work on dealing with the pheromones that she naturally produces as an Orion woman.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Gandar Varner
Mother Galera Deloria
Brother(s) Brean Deloria (Younger)
Sister(s) Mysera Deloria (Younger)
Vurya Deloria (Younger)
Isiel Deloria (Younger)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A slightly driven woman, working hard to break free from the norms of the Orion image generated over the duration of their being warp-flight capable. Born as the eldest daughter in her family, she has been given a reasonable amount of teaching in how to be an effective leader, in Orion society under the Syndicate, though she has avoided using most of it as she seeks to prove herself on her own skills, not her lineage or origin.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Dedicated, Qualified, Experienced
Overly Self-Conscience, Goes out of her way to avoid seeming like her origin.
Ambitions Wishes to prove herself to be good on her own merits, that way she can look to her family, and the Syndicates in general, and say “I didn’t need you to succeed”.
Hobbies & Interests Spends time looking over history of various cultures, enjoys handling weapons of various kinds, and likes to take part in roleplaying programs and games.

Personal History Born to a mid-level Syndicate leader, Meera was the eldest child, and was thusly groomed and expected to grow into a position of authority, eventually taking over the family as was its tradition. She was thusly trained, taught, and educated in how to be a manipulator, a seductress, and such, all the things she’d need to follow work in the Syndicate, and manipulate other races to gain additional ‘goods’ of various kinds for the Syndicate. However, at age 19, she finally was fed up with it, and ran away to Earth, asking to join the Marines.

Initially scoffed at, she continued to strive for it, finally gaining permission and began training. She was pushed regularly, as was the norm. In other ways, she was pushed harder, since most of those around her viewed her through the lense of stereotypes of Orion women. Nonetheless, she proved herself and graduated from Marine Basic Training. While she expected there to be little need for combat troops over her tour of service, she still strived to prove herself.

With the beginning of the Dominion War when she was 20, she found herself suddenly thrust into the role she had been training to perform for some time. While she never won many accolades or made herself a major figure of any of the conflicts she took part in, she still proved herself a capable and willing combatant.

After the War ended, she found herself unwilling to just go back to the Syndicate, despite messages and such from her family vowing they’d bring her back and get her thinking straight. She was happy in Starfleet, where the only thing expected of her, was her to do the job she volunteered for. As the years rolled on, she found herself getting into trouble from time to time with various CO’s, most of whom either were displeased with having an Orion in their unit, or sought to get her kicked out for some other offense they could often cook up.

She continued to persevere, but sadly, her last command was fed up with her opinions and drive, and filed a report that has had her transferred to the USS Tornado as a punishment, and to keep her away from causing more trouble.
Service Record Enlisted, United Federation of Planets Marine Corps [Stardate 46460 <2370>]
Completed Marine Basic Training [Stardate 46720 <2370>]
Completed Marine Advanced Infantry Training [Stardate 47120 <2370>]
Assigned Various Postings [Stardates 47200-47950 <2370-2373>]
Deployed to Front Lines, Dominion War [Stardate 47950 <2373>]
Fought, Several Infantry Battle Sites, Dominion War [Stardates 47950-52861 <2373-2375>]
-First Battle of Chin'toka [Landing Force]
-Seige of AR-558 [Initial Combat]
-Invasion of Cardassia [Federation Ground Forces]
Assigned to Various Vessels, Alpha Quadrant [Stardates 52826-65914 <2375-2387>]
Assigned to USS Tornado, Bravo Fleet [Stardate 66*** <2388>]