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Ensign Rebecca Flagg

Name Rebecca Flagg

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 105 lbs
Hair Color Usually Black (can change at will)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Rebecca obviously look after her body well looking at her slender body. Normally has makeup and decorative things in her hair pushing the limits of what is allowed on duty.

Off duty Rebecca she is seen in tight fitting cloths (Cheongsam, other dresses, workout gear) or a kimono.


Father John Flagg - Designer of Covert Ops equipment for Starfleet. Missing, presumed dead
Mother Karen Flagg - Artist/Entertainer
Other Family Rebecca believes in Polyamory. Notable recurring partners partners include.

Debra Cross
Marine special forces, meat at start-fleet academy where she was a 2 years ahead of Flagg. After the academy taught for a small time and then went back to the field. Part of respected line of serving officers in Star-fleet mostly marines.

Personality & Traits

General Overview On the surface Rebecca looks like a simple and shallow person but she hides hidden depths. Her ability to mold herself to what others want is a sign of her intelligence. When people relies they often put it down to her wanting to please but the truth is that it is a way of her to control the situation and people.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent
+ Calm and Composed
+ Manipulation
+ Seduction
+ Sleight of hand
+ Expert with Tessen (war fans)

- Inability to trust others, especially men
- Tends to follow her own senses
Ambitions Find out what really happened to her father

Enjoy life when ever possible, the journey is more important than the destination
Hobbies & Interests Eastern culture

Personal History Rebecca had an uneventful childhood. She was raised by her mother as her Father who was heavily involved with his work for Starfleet. Her Father compensated for his absences by giving her lots of gifts, including nanotechnology that could change her hair colour. As Rebecca came of age her Mother began to school her in the arts of being a Geisha, even though neither of her parents wanted her to go down that road.

She enjoyed what little time she spent with her father and decided to follow in his footsteps by studying Engineering. Rebecca applied and was accepted to MIT. At the age of 20 Rebecca was kidnapped for several months by a group trying to force her father to work for them. During her time in captivity she was abused by her kidnappers. A daring rescue brought her freedom, but she was left feeling helpless. Due to her fathers involvement then incident was classified so highly, it is like it did not happen. In order to combat these fears, she decided to forego her Engineering dropped out of MIT and enlisted in the Marines.

With her concordance from the marines and skills from her mother she found that she could manipulate people and enjoyed it.

Flagg completed her basic training and then was assigned as a Combat Engineer. She quickly well respected and when the opportunity came up applied to became an EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal) Specialist. She worked with verses units including inelegance units.

When Rebecca was 23 her father was reported killed in the line of duty, but nobody was ever found or returned. She began receiving hidden messages from him but she had been yet to decode them to find out what the full meaning is.

During a regional dispute Rebecca volunteered to stay in a hot zone and defuse a bomb. As a result of her decision she found herself caught up in some extremely heavy fighting. During a particularly nasty fire fight she was hit by incoming fire and her right arm was gravely injured. Starfleet Medical was unable to save the badly mauled limb. The arm was amputated and replaced with a cybernetic one. Rebecca used dance, esp fan dance, in her recovery. The maintenance that her arm required meant that she could not work as a marine in the field. Instead of taking a desk job, Rebecca joined the fleet and went to the academy.

Due to Flagg’s experience and the fact that she took several units before officially starting the academy during her recovery she was allowed to upgrade to two Majors, Security and Intelligence (Field Work).
Service Record 2375: Marines basic training
Flagg was not a traditional marine volunteer and struggled during her basic training, nearly getting thrown out a couple of times.

2375-2377: Combat engineer
With her background in engineering Flagg was assigned as a combat engineer. She made a name for herself being cool under pressure. She supported several major operations with construction work.

2377-2382: Explosives Ordnance Disposal
Flagg volunteered as went through the OED training program. Her cool attitude gave her the nickname of “ice”. Due to the dangerous nature of the job EOD personnel where given a leniency in to their lifestyle and she blossomed.

2382-2384: Medical Recovery
After the loss of her arm Rebecca spent the next two years learning to use her new arm. She started off on the USS Tokyo where the surgery took play and then went home to Japan, Earth, Sol where her mother had a place in the mountains.

She used non-traditional skills to help her recover including dance especially the traditional fan dance as well as massage. Dance thought her fine motor skills and then massage got her use to reading the small changes in feelings.

2384-2388: Star Fleet Academy
Due major: Security and Intelligence (Field Work)
Rebecca was a good student her previous experience as a marine NCO meant that excelled at several of the sections. Flagg was put up on charges for cheating on her cryptography class by seducing the tutor and getting vital information that help her with a exam. She only was let off as she did not steal the full answer and that is was not fully agents the rules but embodying being an Field Agent.

2388: USS Tormado
Assigned as Inelegance officer