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Commander Aki Shagdac

Name Aki Shagdac

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 1.84 Meters
Weight 82 KG
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Light brown hair till his shoulders, mostly in a knot and a short beard. Scars in his face, chest and left leg from the time Aki was in the Cardassian prison camps. Aki is however seen as a very calm person when he is put under pressure if it's a diplomatic conversation going south or a battle that is in their disadvantage.

Starfleet Medical Division has confirmed him to be in perfect health and fit for duty. Thought a remark has been made that his background in the Cardassian oppression and Dominion War did leave him a scar on his personality to trust species from those involved against his people in that time.


Father Eenosh Shagdac (KIA)
Mother Shamo Shagdac
Brother(s) Dosa Shagdac (KIA)

Tanji Shagdac

Personality & Traits

General Overview

The Cardassian Oppression & Dominion War were for the Bajoran people a heavy time on everyone. Aki is no exception of this and is known to be a fighter, a rebel that always challenges his superiors when he has the feeling they are wrong. In combat on whatever ground it might be fought, he is known for his dangerous calmness and quick tactical assessment of the situation. To counter it with the proper and correct answers that are required on that certain time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Calmness under pressure
- Leadership
- Problem solving
- Initiative
- Trust issues towards those from Cardassian or Dominion species
- Being a debater
Ambitions "To achieve peace among the stars and explore the unknown beyond our reach"
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
- Axes & Knives throwing
- Wrestling
- Poker
- Being in a debate
- New cultures and planets
- Getting challenged on any level
- Facing difficult situations

Personal History

Born on 2360 under the loving care of Eenosh and Shamo Shagdac as the second child of their growing family. Aki was a cheerful child that was always playing with other children and doing pranks with his brother. But also learn the ropes to be careful of what he was doing, for five years the family was together until they were ripped apart from each other in 2365 by the Cardassian forces that forced all male members towards 'Work Camps' and there was no luxury as Aki was taken also. Leaving his mother and just born sister behind.

For 3 years the young boy worked day in and day out in the mines for the Cardassians. But just before the Cardassians left, both his father and brother were executed with a few others for betrayal and rebel behavior. He is known as the youngest member to join the Bajoran Resistance. For years he was not part of any major event.

But in the Dominion war this changed and he was part of various bombing and attacks against the Cardassians vital operations. The enemy never suspected a young boy to act on such rebelish way due that he was always so calm and could talk his way out without them noticing that he was lying in their face. After the Dominion war he rejoined his family and worked with the Bajoran Provisional Government in their Intelligence Agency.

In 2378 he was accepted into Starfleet Academy being one of the first Bajoran people. Due his skills in combat Aki leaned towards the way of becoming a Security officer. But after the Academy he was selected for Starfleet Ranger unit onboard the USS Arizona. These Officers were put into special operations that were known to the public, from retrieval, escort, protection or rebuild efforts. After two years he was reassigned towards the USS De Ruyter as their Assistant Chief Security Officer.

Due the good behavior, example towards his Junior Officers he was promoted towards Chief Security Officer as the previous Chief was reassigned towards a different vessel. He served this position for 2 years until he was reassigned again towards the USS Roosevelt-B as Mission Security Specialist after the Hobus Event. The Roosevelt-B primary mission was to investigate the Romulan Empire current condition and required many interactions with various groups that wanted to claim the power.

In 2388 Aki expected to return towards the USS De Ruyter, but Commodore Anin send him towards the USS Tornado-C as its new Commanding Officer. His primary task is to ensure the safety of the Federation Neutral Zone and push back the newly formed Rogue Houses Alliance away from their newly founded position.
Service Record 2378 - Joined starfleet
2382 - USS Arizona - Starfleet Ranger
2384 - USS De Ruyter - Assistant Chief Security Officer
2385 - USS De Ruyter - Chief Security Officer
2387 - USS Roosevelt-B - Mission Security Specialist
2388 - USS Tornado-C - Commanding Officer