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Ensign Liam Maddox

Name Liam Maddox

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Android (Maddox-type)
Age 7 operational years

Physical Appearance

Height 6’0”
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Golden
Physical Description Despite an almost ‘human’ appearance, Liam has a set of golden eyes that dart about in a very inorganic manner. This is the only sign that someone can see that denotes that he is
anything other than human.


Father Commander Bruce Maddox
Brother(s) Alpha (destroyed)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liam is, first and foremost, an artificial intelligence of complex construction and painstaking research and development. This translates into his being somewhat ‘child-like’ in the eyes of those that are exposed to him. The phrases ‘Why?’ and ‘I do not understand.’ are common in his interactions with others, though he does also tend to give off the impression that he is a sponge, soaking up all that is given to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Being an artificial life form, Liam is endowed by his creators remarkable talents that are, for lack of a better phrase, pre-supposed by his being an android. Physical strength, dexterity, endurance, resistances; all of them are where it would be expected of an artificial life-form of cybernetic construction.

Weaknesses: Liam has no weaknesses as far as his performance and abilities are concerned, however his relative short span of ‘life’ has not afforded him all the many social mechanisms that make someone a
well adjusted ‘person’. This leads to social awkwardness, misunderstandings, and tension around people unaccustomed to dealing with cybernetic organisms.

Personal History Liam was created as a result of Commander Maddox’ long-developed dream to construct an Android mirroring Lieutenant Commander Data. He started his research after his meeting with Data, when he attempted to dismantle him in the name of science. Since that encounter and the results of the trial that ensued, Commander Maddox spent the better part of two decades developing his own version of a cybernetic organism. With the introductions of synth-organic neural networking, as well as other advances in miniaturization and construction, by the early 2380, the first successful activation of an Android life-form was made a reality. The first incarnation of the Maddox-type Android, Alpha, was not the major success the project had been looking for. Alpha only lived for approximately four months, at which time Alpha had a catastrophic system failure which was later attributed to the unit being overloaded by sensory information that had not been properly anticipated by the project researchers.

Liam was the second and to-date only other successful activation of a Maddox-type Android. His synth-organic ‘brain’ was a re-engineered model of Alpha’s, which might account for its success despite previous failures with newly constructed ‘brains‘. Upon activation, the first words uttered by Liam were “What am I?” This identity was slow in developing; Liam was very confused by all the nuisances of life among organics. He had to learn modesty from his creator, which was a painful process for many of the female scientists working on the project for obvious reasons. Given that, anatomically, Liam had been made ‘human’, he had all the parts and pieces in the proper place and his makers had been… generous. Once he had mastered modesty, social grace and interaction was the next obstacle, one that was overcome a lot faster than the first.

As the months wore on, Liam became, in a sense, his own person. He had developed habits much like his human counterparts such as handedness, grooming styles, and the like. When it was discussed where Liam saw himself fitting in the world, he looked to his ‘Father’, Commander Maddox, and postulated that any child should find it acceptable to follow in their parent’s footsteps. Initially, Bruce was against the idea whole-heartedly, sighting that many in the Fleet would be resistant to the addition of an Android into the Fleet. It wasn’t until Liam did some digging that he discovered that he and Lieutenant Commander Data had met, and that his ‘Father’ had once been against the idea that cybernetic life such as himself were sentient.

The confrontation about his findings went entirely opposite of the way Liam had expected. Cmdr. Maddox admitted his former reluctance to consider artificial intelligence as sentient life simply because he looked at it as something to be molded to human will rather than a will in its own right. He went on to explain to his ‘son’ that as Liam was developed, and with the help of his constant contact with Lt. Cmdr. Data, he had come to understand that creating artificial life was no less a miracle than having fathered actual children. He finally related to Liam that his reluctance for him joining Starfleet was out of natural fear for the environment he would be exposed to, all the dangers that service brought with it. Being that Liam was indeed unique, just like any other being in the universe, should something happen to Liam, Cmdr. Maddox would have felt the same loss as any parent does when they lose a child.

While Liam did not understand fully the concept of loss and grief, he did recognize his ‘Father’s’ desire to look after him. Despite this, Liam made the decision that he would join Starfleet, which he did in 2383.
Service Record Starfleet Career Summary

2383: Cadet, First Year; General Studies, Starfleet Academy
2384: Cadet, Second Year; Starship Engineering/Operations Studies, Starfleet Academy
2385: Cadet, Third Year; Advanced Scientific Studies, Starfleet Academy
2386: Cadet, Fourth Year; Cadet Cruise, USS Potemkin
2387: Ensign, Engineering Officer; USS Stargazer
2388: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chief Science Officer; USS Stargazer

Starfleet Career Brief

Cadet, First Year Liam entered the Academy with the expectations laid upon him that he would either be a shining star or a miserable failure. Given the shift in social climates since his ‘Father’ had been to the Academy, C1Y Liam had a much less difficult time integrating into the life of being an Academy attendee, other than his inability to make friends his first year. It had been decided that Liam’s status as an artificial life-form would remain on a need-to-know basis since, frankly, most cadets didn’t need to know.

By his second year, the secret of his heritage came out during a training exercise dealing with shipboard damage control techniques. As one of the training scenarios progressed, a hanging piece of piping was jarred loose by one of the training explosions. The falling pipe descended right over the head of one of Liam’s classmates. Had it not been for his synthetic reflexes and superior strength, the Cadet in question would have been crushed to death. Instead, Liam managed to push the man out of the way and catch the pipe before it could do anyone any harm. This triggered an inquiry among the Cadets until Liam finally explained the situation to them. Rather than be abhorred by an Android in their midst, his fellow Cadets gravitated toward him, wanting to know more about the world through his eyes.

By his third year, Liam had a great deal of ‘friends’, though he often described them as ‘circus goers looking at the new monkey’, a phrase used by his ‘Father’ once in a discussion of how people might react to him. Liam did, however, forge several real relationships with some of the science cadets he worked with as part of his second major. Of them, one female Andorian stood out in Liam’s list of friends. Cadet Nyvra spent the most time with Liam, saying that he was the only man, artificial or not, who could best her in combat. As an Andorian, this made her view of their relationship more of a matter of mutual respect and admiration than one of actual romance. His ‘Father’ did, however, say that Liam had gotten a whole lot farther with women in his few short years of life than Maddox had in nearly half a century.

In Liam’s fourth year it was decided that instead of taking on another major like the two previous years, it would be far more beneficial for the android to go out into the field and learn by doing. He was assigned to his first vessel as a midshipman, which basically meant that he was a part of no department, rather he would be learning them all and finding where he felt he best belonged.

Cadet Maddox’ time on the Potemkin was spent learning how to interact with a crew, a task far different from working with other cadets at the Academy. With the various levels of experience that each person he encountered possessed, the Android was forced to adapt his method of interaction and even at times his level of detail depending on who he was addressing. Such skills would prove invaluable to him as the year unfolded. While Liam performed admirably, his time with the Potemkin wasn’t marked by any unusual or outstanding events, and his commissioning to Ensign came when the year closed.

Ensign Maddox was assigned to the USS Stargazer when the Potemkin pulled into dock a few months after his promotion had been approved. Ensign Maddox left his cadet cruise with cautious optimism that he would be successful. His first duty assignment was that of an Engineer, something that Liam was very familiar with and a job which he took to exceptionally well. While in his position, Liam distinguished himself several times, which brought him into Captain Dunway’s presence on more than one occasion. By the time the Android had served aboard the ship for nearly a year, not only had he become rather popular, in terms of his ability to produce results, but also in a romantic sense. Ensign Maddox met and later courted an officer by the name of Tara Neprem. Their relationship lasted for almost 6 months before duty pulled both of them too far away to make it work.

At the tail end of his first year aboard the Stargazer, Capt. Dunway asked Ensign Maddox to move into the Science Department as its head, and promoted the young Android in the process. The move in departments was unexpected, but Liam took the opportunity presented as a chance to grow as a professional. Again, he showed himself to be capable, though his team in the Science department didn’t warm up to him as the engineering staff had. His methods for going about things was far more rigid than scientists were accustomed to, which meant that Liam had to adapt yet again to changing conditions.