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Master Chief Petty Officer Jacob Asher

Name Jacob David Asher

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/El-Aurian
Age Born 2320

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall and muscular, Jake can be a bit imposing. He maintains excellent physical fitness, not wanting to lose even a step now that he's no longer a SEAL. Some women (and some men) call his green eyes beautiful. He's a bit grizzled but overall he is handsome. He's been wounded several times but hasn't been interested in keeping the scars since they are not necessary anymore. Skin is so easy to repair with a dermal regenerator that Jake finds people who hang on to their scars (when they have access to modern medical care) pretentious. He wore a beard as a SEAL and since Starfleet regulations allow it, he continues to do so now that he's back in the regular fleet.


Spouse Divorced
Children Aaron Asher (30) Starfleet Science Officer (Lieutenant)
Other Family Ariel Epstein, Ex-Wife

Personality & Traits

General Overview “Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop…”

Jake can be a hard man but he is also a fair man. He knows that discipline is what keeps enlisted crew from falling into chaos. Disgruntled crewmen, low morale, low performance, all of these things stem from poor discipline. In Jake’s mind, poor discipline does a disservice to the crew.

“Risk is Our Business!”

Attributed to Captain James T. Kirk, this quote sums up how Jake feels about service in Starfleet. Risk is a large part of what enlistment in Starfleet involves. The risk shouldn’t be unnecessary, but when it is necessary there’s no use whining about it. ‘We’re Starfleet’ Jake says. ‘This is what we do! This is what we signed up for!’

“A Big Teddy Bear…”

That’s what some of the people who have gotten close to Jake say about him. He’s a hardass when he needs to be because he cares about his crews. Underneath the sometimes tough exterior is a good, gentle, and kind man.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:

-Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant
-Expert Marksman/Sniper
-Cool under pressure
-Comfortable operating in various environments, including Zero-G


-He pushes hard and sometimes has to remind himself to take it easy, both on himself and his crew. After all, not everyone can be a SEAL.
-He is very committed to his motto of “Risk is Our Business!” He has little patience for those who whine about the dangers they face in Starfleet. After all, isn’t this what they signed up for? Isn’t this what Starfleet asks for…demands in exchange for the privilege of service? He has to remind himself that sometimes he needs to take a break from being a scary, gruff, grizzly bear, and instead be a bit of a cuddly teddy bear. Luckily, under a bit of a gruff exterior, he really is a big teddy bear.

Ambitions AMBITION: He wouldn't mind being the Command Master Chief at Starfleet Academy or other major command. He realizes though, that his disciplinary action may stand in his way. Oh well. A guy can dream.
Hobbies & Interests -Jake learned Kali, Kuntao, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu growing up and practices hand-to-hand combat and self-defense regularly

-Jake is a great lover of Jazz in its various forms, as well as Soul and Funk.

-Jake has been known to crack a book when it suits him.

-Jake learned to enjoy swimming as a SEAL and often swims for exercise.

-Jake has collected a number of fully functional Filipino weapons (short swords, knives, daggers, sticks, even a 5’5” spear with a 10” head. He is expert in the use of these weapons. He is also partial to the K-Bar fighting knife, which he carried as a SEAL. Some of his Kali and Kuntao weaponry is on display in his quarters.

Personal History Jacob David Asher came into the world on the thirtieth day of April (Earth reckoning) in the year 2332 of Earth’s Common Era. He was delivered at Admiral Mark Piper Memorial Hospital in Polar City on Rigel IV. He was a healthy, strong baby. Born to Human parents, Joseph Asher was actually half El-Aurian which meant Jacob would age slower and live longer than a normal human. By some strange genetic twist, Jacob matured to adulthood (approximately 18 years of age) at the normal human rate before his El-Aurian DNA kicked in and he began to age more slowly.

Jacob had a somewhat turbulent childhood. His mother was brilliant and his father was hard working and clever. Both were highly educated and expected that Jacob would follow in their footsteps. This causes some friction when Jacob did not take to school like his parents had. He was hardworking enough, and sufficiently clever, but he didn’t have his mother’s brilliance. Rifka didn’t suffer fools lightly and had trouble communicating with her son without getting frustrated. His father saw what he called ‘the Danger’ of Jacob’s struggles with education and was not afraid to tell him of it which only exacerbated the situation. Ultimately Jacob found his confidence. He found ways of excelling academically, as well as physically.

Jacob was a big, strong child and needed to somewhere to work off his energy and to learn to handle himself physically. One of their neighbors ran a school that taught Kali, Kuntao, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Each style was taught separately, but one day a week there was an open session where students practiced self-defense and sparred, combining the techniques of all four. There were also people from other styles so the session prepared students to deal with a variety of situations. As a teenager, Jacob used his skills to compete in junior MMA competitions, something his parents agreed to only reluctantly. Jacob accounted himself well and developed a following of sorts.

Because he aged normally for a Human for the first 18 years of his life, childhood passed for Jacob the way it does for most human children. That is, more quickly that it seemed it would, while feeling like forever. Jacob had applied to and been accepted to university. He had a few offers to choose from but he realized he wasn’t ready for that. He wanted to see the galaxy and experience adventures. He had considered Starfleet but his parents talked him into what they saw as a safer option: The Federation Merchant Marine.

After initial Merchant Spacer training, Jacob shipped out on the SS Thomas Hancock as an Ordinary Crewman. A short while later he was advanced to Able Crewman. The Merchant Marine gave Jacob time to spread his wings and explore not only new places and learn new things, not only about the galaxy around him, but also about himself and who he was to become as a person. Jacob greatly enjoyed his time with the Merchant Marine and might have stay longer. Then the Cardassians attacked Setlik III. Everything changed. It was time for Jacob to make a change. He enlisted in Starfleet.

After Basic Training, Jacob attended Master-At-Arms ‘C’ School. It sounded like it would be much different work than he had been doing as a merchant spacer. He was right. It was different…and often boring. He had joined to fight the Cardassians but he spent the lion’s share of his time patrolling corridors or guarding hatches. When the ship was in combat he was preparing to repel boarders and helping the injured. Once in a while, if he was really lucky, he’d get chosen for an Away Team. However, Jake, as he was now called, learned something, something that had started to appear in his Merchant Marine days. The pressure didn’t get to him. He knew his job and he did it and he didn’t panic or falter. He filed this little fact away.

On one particular mission, Jake’s ship, the USS Kentucky, carried aboard it a platoon of SEALs. Curious, he asked around about them. He liked what he heard so he worked up the nerve to speak to them. They were willing enough to talk with him about their work in a general sense. What Jake learned lit a fire in him. This was a job he wanted. As soon as possible, Jake began the process of applying to join the SEALs. It was an exhaustive process, but he made it into the selection process.

Selection was hard…very hard, but Jake wasn’t going to let anything stop him. The harder the instructors pushed him, the harder Jake pushed himself. It paid off. He made it through all of the training and became a SEAL. The training didn’t end there. The SEALs continued to train whenever they weren’t on missions and they trained hard, constantly challenging themselves. The harder they trained, the better they were in the field.

As a Master-At-Arms 3rd Class with 2nd Platoon, SEAL Team 4, Jacob was deployed to the planet Ragnar IV. It was a colony world that was in dispute. Cardassian and Federation starships fought in orbit while marines and the SEALs fought on the ground. It was a Catch-22 for both sides. The Cardassians needed the resources of the planet so they had to limit their orbital bombardment. Starfleet wasn’t into wholesale slaughter and also wanted the Federation colony there to survive. Besides, with the intense conflict, both in orbit and planetside, evacuation of the colonists and the withdrawal on either side was problematic. The fighting continued for quite some time, each side both gaining and losing ground. Neither side seemed to be able to make decisive headway. While on Ragnar IV, Jacob earned both a Bronze Star and a Silver Star. He was also awarded several Purple Hearts but was never wounded badly enough to be sent home.

The stalemate on Ragnar IV was eventually broken after a series of raids by both SEAL Team 4’s platoons and marines from the 2nd Raider Battalion damaged and disrupted Cardassian forces and infrastructure so badly that it gave Starfleet forces the upper hand on the ground. These raids coincided with a surge in Starfleet vessels in the Ragnar system and a series of lightning raids on nearby Cardassian bases of operations for their fleet, which gave Starfleet the upper hand on the ground. The Cardassians evacuated as many of their people as they could before pulling out of Ragnar IV. Starfleet seemed to have won the day, but at great cost. Jake began to wonder if the win had been worth the lives lost or whether Ragnar IV had been a pyric victory. SEAL Team 4 was rotated back to their home base for much needed down time.

In 2354, Jake was promoted to Master-At-Arms 2nd Class and assigned to 4th Platoon, SEAL Team 7. The team operated out of a starbase on the Cardassian border and conducted raids on Cardassian holdings nearby. They were joined in these efforts by Marine Special Operations Teams (MSOTs) of the 1st Raider Battalion and by an Andorian Ranger unit assigned to the Andorian Expeditionary Force of the Andorian Defense Force. The teams had some success in disrupting Cardassian Central Command’s operations in the area, but the overall significance of their success was arguable. Jake was awarded more Purple Hearts as well as both a second Bronze Star and a second Silver Star.

In 2358, Jake was promoted to Master-At-Arms 1st Class and assigned to 3rd Platoon, SEAL Team 1. Team 1 was sent to the Gorham system, where several planets were in dispute. The Team’s platoons were spread out throughout the system, again joined by MSOTs of the Marine Raider Regiment and the Andorian Rangers of the Andorian Defense Force. Both individual and joint operations occurred and Jake made strong, lasting friendships with members of both services, something that had been occurring from the start of his SEAL adventures. For his actions in the Gorham system, Jake was awarded the Starfleet Cross.

In 2366 Jake was promoted to Chief Master-At-Arms and attended Senior Enlisted Academy. Following his graduation from the SEA program, he was assigned to 1st Platoon, SEAL Team 8. The Cardassian Border Wars were coming to a close and ended before Jake was deployed again. During the period between the Cardassian Border Wars, the 1st Platoon of SEAL Team 8 was engaged either engaged counter-terror operations against the Maquis or training. This period was mostly uneventful for Jake.

In 2372 the Federation-Klingon War began after the Klingon Empire attacked the Cardassians and withdrew from the Khitomer Accords. SEAL Team 8 was deployed to the front and conducted direct action and special reconnaissance missions throughout the war. Jake received his second award of the Starfleet Cross at this time. The relationships he’d built with the Marine Raiders and the Andorian Rangers paid dividends as Team 8’s platoons conducted joint missions with these units yet again. These weren’t the only special forces units Team 8 worked with. On raids into Klingon held Cardassian territory, Team 8 worked with Cardassian special forces units. This was a difficult thing to do at first as most of the SEALs, Raiders, and Rangers had clashed with Cardassian special forces in the Border Wars. In the end professionalism and cooperation won the day as the units collaborated on several missions. In 2373 the Cardassians joined forces with the Dominion. Dominion forces attacked the Klingons and drove them out of Cardassian territory and back into the Khitomer Accords. The Federation was soon at war with both the Dominion and the Cardassians.

Jake was assigned to 4th Platoon, SEAL Team 3. Team 3 conducted direct action and special reconnaissance missions throughout the Dominion War, as well as taking part in several of the major battles of the war. This time they worked closely not only with the Marine Raiders and the Andorian Rangers, but also with Klingon and Romulan special forces. Jake earned his third Starfleet Cross during this period.

Just as the war was ending, Jake was involved in an incident which led to disciplinary action, the details of which have been redacted. The end result was that Jake was transferred out of the SEALs and returned to duty as a Master-At-Arms. Jake attended Chief Master-At-Arms School (one of the Master-At-Arms ‘C’ Schools) and was promoted to Senior Chief Master-At-Arms. He was assigned to the USS Colin Powell, a diplomatic courier. Life on the Powell was uneventful, but Jake didn’t complain. He later served on the USS Decatur, an Akira Class Light Carrier/Heavy Cruiser, assigned to the former Cardassian DMZ. Pirates and smugglers had taken up residence in the former DMZ near the Badlands and used the Badlands to escape capture or otherwise avoid Starfleet vessels. With Cardassian Central Command reduced to a limited number of combat capable ships, it was up to Starfleet to lead the way. The Decatur’s job was to patrol the area near the Badlands to detect and deter pirate activity and to interdict smugglers. This was a bit more eventful than the Powell, but Jake wasn’t exactly directly involved unless he was asked to lead boarding teams, and most of the time that’s what the Marines were for, at least in combat. He did conduct a great deal of Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS), boarding pirate ships as a law enforcement official to arrest defeated pirates or help search suspected smugglers, seize any smuggled goods, and arrest anyone who merited arresting. The Marines could participate in VBSS, but someone from Security had to be present.

In 2384, Jake received a promotion to Master Chief Master-At-Arms and was assigned to the Halsey, a larger carrier, again as Chief Master-At-Arms. The Halsey was assigned to the Tzenkethi Border. Life on the Halsey was mostly uneventful as well, though the larger the vessel, the more fights, theft, and other illegal activity that Jake was forced to deal with. If he was honest with himself he’d admit that he enjoyed the occasional donnybrook or other diversion from the quiet norm.

In 2388, Jake was assigned sent to Chief of the Boat/Command Chief School. He received the designation Command Master Chief (CMDCM) and was assigned to the USS Tornado as Chief of the Boat.
Service Record Starfleet Basic Training (Starfleet Technical Services School, Mars)

-Training the basics of Starship, Starbase, and Away Team operations.

Master-At-Arms ‘A’ School (Starfleet Technical Services School, Mars)

-Security training, Criminal Law, UCMJ, Defensive Tactics, Small Arms, Small Unit Tactics, Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS), etc.

SEAL (Sea, Aerospace, and Land) School (Various Locations)

-Special Operations Training: Advanced Small Arms, Advanced Small Unit Tactics, Reconnaissance, Sniper, Combat Medicine, SERE, Amphibious Operations, Orbital Insertion, Fast Rope, Operations in various environments, SCUBA, EVA, Zero Gravity Operations, Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat, etc.

First Line Leadership Development Program (FLLDP)

-Leadership Training for enlisted personnel in the ranks of Crewman to Petty Officer 2nd Class, who are in a “first leadership position” within their chain of command and are those who are responsible for the growth, development and daily direction of their subordinates.

Primary Leadership Development Program (PLDP)

-Leadership Training for Petty Officer 2nd Class to Petty Officer 1st Class personnel who will be assigned leadership roles and responsibilities that include planning and executing divisional functions. They will also be responsible for the professional and personal growth of personnel within their division.

Advanced Leadership Development Program (ADLP)

-Leadership Training for Petty Officer 1st Class and Chief Petty Officer personnel, who are assigned to leadership roles and responsibilities in the administration, supervision and training of their division or department, including the professional and personal growth of personnel within that division or department.

Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) (Starfleet Academy, Earth)

-Designed to enhance the leadership skills of senior NCOs. Is a prerequisite for the Command Master Chief /Chief of the Boat Course.

Chief of the Boat/Command Chief School

-Training to prepare Senior NCOs for duty as Command NCOs.

2338-2340 Ordinary Crewman, SS Thomas Hancock, Federation Merchant Marine
2340-2346 Able Crewman, SS Thomas Hancock, Federation Merchant Marine
2346-2346 Starfleet Basic Training
2346-2346 Master-At-Arms ‘A’ School
2346-2350 Master-At-Arms/Crewman, USS Kentucky (Cardassian Border Wars)
2350-2350 Promoted Master-At-Arms 3rd Class (MA3)
2350-2351 SEAL Training
2351-2354 Special Warfare Operator 3rd Class (SO3), 2nd Platoon, SEAL Team 4 (Cardassian Border Wars)
2354-2358 SO2, 4th Platoon, SEAL Team 7 (Cardassian Border Wars)
2358-2366 SO1, 3rd Platoon, SEAL Team 1 (Cardassian Border Wars)
2366-2366 Senior Enlisted Academy
2366-2366 Promoted Chief Special Warfare Operator (SOC)
2366-2372 SOC, 1st Platoon, SEAL Team 8 (Interim Period)
2372-2373 SOC, 1st Platoon, SEAL Team 8 (Federation-Klingon War)
2373-2376 SOC, 4th Platoon, SEAL Team 3 (Dominion War)
2376-2376 Disciplinary Action, File Redacted, Promotion Authorized by Commander, Starfleet, Re-Rated as Master-At-Arms
2376-2376 Promoted Senior Chief Master-At-Arms (MACS)
2376-2376 Chief Master-At-Arms ‘C’ School
2376-2380 MACS, Chief Master-At-Arms, USS Colin Powell
2380-2384 MACS, Chief Master-At-Arms, USS Decatur
2384-2384 Promoted Master Chief Master-At-Arms (MACM)
2384-2388 MACM, Chief Master-At-Arms, USS Halsey
2388-2388 Chief of the Boat/Command Chief School
2388-2388 Promoted Command Master Chief (CMDCM), Assigned USS Tornado as Chief of the Boat