Lieutenant JG Dhyllon D'Rellnon

Name Dhyllon D'Rellnon MD

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Adnorian
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1''
Weight 196 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description As an Andorian male of average height and average weight, one would assume that Doctor Dhyllon D'Rellnon would be an unassuming sort. Not so. He is a sober and dutiful man, seen with a perenniel frown on his face and a thoughtful, dreamy look in his grey eyes. His high cheek bones, angular jawline, and square chin couple with his expression to cast his visible disposition somewhere between scholarly and severe at all hours of the day. He wears his hair short, with longer bangs that tumble artlessly over his forehead. Two long, tapered antennae jut out from his forehead, giving Doctor D'Rellnon the illusion of being taller than he truly is.

Doctor D'Rellnon follows uniform regulations to the letter, and moreover, he always ensures his clothing is freshly laundered and pressed, accentuating his air of staunch, rigid professionalism. He elects not to wear any personal effects while on-duty, and when he is off-duty, his manner of dress is yet again conservative. He is almost never seen without his trusty PADD, constantly either inputting new data or reading a novel when he has a strong enough lead on his duties and no one is actively paying attention to him.


Spouse Jhetia D'Rellnon, wife; missing and presumed dead.
Children Sira D'Rellnon, daughter.
Shehl D'Rellnon, son; missing and presumed dead.
Tabial D'Rellnon, son; missing and presumed dead.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dr. D'Rellnon is a man who does his best to avoid emotional connections; he finds they interfere when you need to perform invasive surgery to save someone's life. Therefore he is a lonely sort, seen as cold and unfriendly, but the scholarly and sober exterior hides the thoughtful, caring officer and father he well and truly is. He would never leave someone or something injured or sick, unless treatment would compromise the ship on which he serves in some way, such as the likelihood of bringing an infectious disease aboard.

He places all of his self-worth in the quality of his work, and is always pushing himself to try harder, achieve more, and better himself. His frigid demeanor and urge to excel lends him a cool, easy confidence that can infect friends and inspire rivals. His drive to succeed makes him almostunafraid of hardship or trial, and he would very likely be the first of any medical branch to volunteer to join an away team, if their service was required.

The doctor's psychological evaluation showed that he has obsessive-compulsion disorder. Consequently he doesn't quite know how to relax. He is always worried about this patient, or that virus sample. There is always something on his mind, and he is always organizing and re-organizing his work station in new and interesting ways whenever he isn't performing medical duties. Even off-duty, he tends to pour over the information in his PADD, doing everything he can to limit the constant ticks in his mind and keep it well and truly at ease.

The doctor also enjoys collecting decks of cards, and keeps a deck on him. When he is contemplative, he shuffles them to keep his mind going. The reflexive repetition helps throttle back his compulsion.

Dr. D'Rellnon boasts an exceptionally dry wit that oftentimes goes unnoticed, due mostly to his serious personality. Most assume he doesn't have it in him to crack a joke, especially considering how averse he is to smiling.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
▪ Dhyllon has lived most of his life as a colonist, and has thus learned to be adaptable when the situation is unfavorable. That is to say, he is used to not having all the supplies he could ever ask for on hand, and is comfortable making due and incorporating nonstandard ideas into his work if need be.
▪A life of hardship has taught Dr. D'Rellnon to be well and truly patient. Despite being outwardly surly, Dr. D'rellnon has the patience of a glacier. Despite the reputation of his people's warrior culture, it is difficult to provoke the doctor to anger.
▪D'Rellnon is fastidious. He keeps his clothes and work stations clean, and if he has to borrow tools or someone else's work station, he always leaves it cleaner than when he found it in the first place. While he might not be the quickest worker, his work is often exemplary.
▪There are no bounds to Dr. D'Rellnon's loyalty to the crew to which he is attached, nor to Starfleet.

▪D'Rellnon is a lonely soul. He is, unfortunately, quite taciturn, and can often come across as surly, contemptuous, or distant.
▪D'Rellnon is distrustful of almost everyone outside of the Federation. He would be the first to suggest the utmost, most meticulous caution route in situations involving planets and peoples that fall outside of the jurisdiction of the United Federation of Planets.
▪The doctor is forgetful. He is often absorbed in whatever he is currently doing, to the (possible) detriment of anything he should be doing. It is difficult to divert his attention away from his current muse, which is good if you are his current patient and terrible if, say, an officer needs him to study and catalogue the qualities of the venom of a previously undiscovered lifeform.
▪The doctor is obsessive-compulsive, and tends to overanalyze situations. He will continue to work on a project or patient that is already four-o until it meets his own exacting standards.
Ambitions Dr. D'Rellnon hopes that an exemplary record of service to Starfleet will pave the way for his daughter's future in Starfleet as well.
Hobbies & Interests Dr. D'Rellnon is a fan of romantic literature, card games, and all forms of music. He plays the Andorian equivalent of a bass guitar.

Personal History Dr. Dhyllon D'Rellnon was born on a world by the name of Largos VII; a humble colony of seemingly little consequence. He was happily married by the time he was eighteen years old, and had his first of three children a year later. He very well might have lived an entirely uneventful and pleasingly domestic life on Largos VII until the end of his days, were it not for the Dominion War. The Dominion-Breen Alliance seized the planet at the start of the war due to the superior strategic positioning it would offer for further incursions into Federation space, and for a full standard year, the D'Rellnon family suffered a life where they did not enjoy the freedoms offered by the United Federation of Planets.

An intrepid Federation starship, the USS Heracles, managed to use the unusual radiation from the system's local binary stars to infiltrate the small blockade around the planet almost without incident, and thus they had the opportunity to rescue the population of Largos VII. Dhyllon and his youngest daughter were among the precious few who were tagged for extraction by Starfleet before the Heracles was discovered. The rest of his family, unfortunately, was left behind to an unknown fate.

It was the formulative event for a younger Dhyllon, and one he has played over in his own mind time after time. Dhyllon never wanted to feel as helpless as he did under the thumb of the Dominion ever again, nor as weak as he had felt when he realized he had only his daughter to call his family. He enlisted in Starfleet Academy at his first opportunity, and crushed his esteemed competition during his competitive entrance exams. He went on to became a quiet, implacable fixture within his class at Starfleet Academy, showing great tenacity and dedication to his coursework to get his mind off of his missing family and to set a good example for his child.

Brilliant and gifted, he excelled at the sciences, particularly the interconnected fields of chemistry and biology. Doctor D'Rellnon graduated with honours from Starfleet Academy. On the recommendation of one of his instructors, he pursued further education at Starfleet Medical Academy. He was an excellent student in all matters of medical needs, following in the footsteps of the greats. He was the salutatorian of his graduating class (Much to his chagrin), and received a medical doctorate with a secondary degree in exobiology for his exemplary work. Dr. D'Rellnon continues to further his education to this day. He is currently enrolled in distance education programs through one of the Daystrom Research institute's satellite colleges.

He has served Starfleet as a medical officer to the best of his abilities ever since, but when requests for medical personnel came out of the Raeyan Transit Corridor, Dr. D'Rellnon requested a transfer immediately and without hesitation. Starfleet had given Dhyllon purpose when his life was falling to pieces, and he was proud to have the opportunity to ensure the health and wellness of the fine officers of Starfleet. If the crew of the Heracles would risk their lives to save civilians stranded on a far-flung world, he could do no less than to ensure those who followed in their footsteps were always ready, willing, and able to continue the proud tradition of bold and fearless service.
Service Record 2375: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy.
2379: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, and elected to enroll in post-graduation Starfleet Medical Academy.
2384: Graduated salutatorian of the class of '84 from Starfleet Medical Academy.
2384-2388: Served as medical officer aboard several training vessels during their training cruises.