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Lieutenant Commander Milton Saunders

Name Milton Saunders

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83 meters
Weight 178 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Milton is of average height and within regulation weight for a Starfleet officer, with a medium build. He keeps the thin crop of hair on top of his head short but doesn't style it, a receding hair line gives the appearance of a larger forehead, with a pair of thin eyebrows resting below. His head is roughly oblong shaped. Although his immediate family all originate from Mars, his family all retain their ancestral English accent.


Spouse Onita Saunders
Father Tanner Saunders
Mother Yadira Saunders
Brother(s) Arturo Saunders
Other Family Amos Roe (Uncle)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Pros: Outspoken and assertive, enjoys people, outgoing, social, open, creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick, good at a broad range of things, gets excited about new ideas and projects, great ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions. comfortable in unfamiliar situations, adaptable. easy going and adventurous.

Cons. Attention seeking, insensitive, enjoys debating issues, likes one-upmanship, may neglect the more routine aspects of life, rule breaker, risk taker, thrill seeker, messy, acts without thinking, experience junky, spontaneous and an improviser.
Ambitions Milton is driven by his desire to climb the Starfleet ladder, after enlisting he desired to become an officer, once reaching this goal he set his eyes on becoming Chief engineer, now Saunders has reached that step in his career, he looks forward to commanding his own Starship in the Engineer Corps.
Hobbies & Interests Milton has had a variety of interests over the years, eventually growing out of most of them, as a youth he enjoyed the adrenaline rush that came from solar wind surfing and like many others during the late 60's he was swept up in the craze of the holodeck sport; BoltMine. Outside of physical activities Milton has always had a passion for tinkering with electronics and gadgets. Mr Saunders also developed an interest in boxing during a match in 2374, immediately after loosing a tooth to a left hook from his rival at the time. It's the more passionate of his hobbies in recent years after developing a taste for it. Several of his current interests coincide with his work, such as warp theory, which he wrote a paper on in 2379.

Personal History Milton Saunders, son of Tanner and Yadira Saunders was born November 24th 2354 on Mars Colony. He enlisted in Starfleet Academy during 2273 at the beginning of the Dominion war, after his year at the Academy his first posting was aboard the USS Faragut during which he served as the ship's Computer Systems specialist.

The first month aboard ship was a turbulent one for Milton. He found the adjustment to life aboard his new posting difficult and quickly developed a brash attitude towards his colleagues and superiors. As time went by Milton mellowed a little, his attitude knocked down a peg by Security Officer and rival Edward Brooke , whom Milton often sparred with in the boxing ring. The Faragut and her crew saw heavy combat against the Dominion during Milton's time on-board, a sense of camaraderie with his colleagues help forge close friendships and even sparked a romantic relationship with crewman Onita Krylov. The lovers were soon engaged to be married. The young man was not neglectful in his duty however and even sought occasions to suggest improvements to ship systems he had concocted, often debating with his superiors to implement them and losing favour due to the high risk they presented. Towards the end of his assignment, a false alarm to abandon ship led Milton to be trapped inside a cramped escape pod with Edward Brooke for nearly two days. The pair spoke less than twenty words to each over the duration of the experience and Milton would only describe the ordeal to anyone as “thoroughly awkward”.

Upon completion of his tour of duty on the Faragut, Milton returned to Starfleet in 2379 to become an officer and graduated within the top percentile of his class. Milton requested a long overdue LOA to be with his new wife, Onita Saunders, after his completion of the Academy, they spent their time together on honeymoon at the Deneva colony. The couple agreed to maintain the relationship despite the long distance between them after receiving separate assignments.

The USS Gettysburg was to be the second posting for the young Ensign Saunders, adapting to his role new role of Warp field engineer he enjoyed the challenge his new job presented. Drawing from his time aboard the Faragut he found himself settling much more quickly, forming a large circle of friends and earning respect among his peers. Under his suggestion Cargo Bay two was transformed into a Boxing ring which he oversaw as a hobby to help the crew relieve stress. His diligent work did not go unnoticed by the Chief Engineer who offered to take him under her wing as her protege, to the jealousy of the Chief's assistant. His new mentor awoke a drive within Saunders to progress towards one day becoming Chief of his own engineering crew. A promotion to Lieutenant soon followed after Milton suggested upgrades which saw an increase in engine efficiency and other key systems.

With knowledge and experience under his belt, Milton volunteered to lead an away team to a damaged Pakled vessel. The mission tasked Lieutenant Saunders and his away team as they raced to fix the ship before the magnetic interlocks ruptured, after a futile effort the ship proved to be beyond repair and an evacuation order was given. Saunders remained to delay the warp core breach and buy time but was beamed away as the transporters locked onto as many life signs as they could. The evacuation was almost complete when the ship exploded, killing a dozen Pakled and several of the away team, Milton deemed his first away mission a failure, despite appraisal from his Captain for his heroics.

The Gettysburg visited Starbase 24 in 2385 for routine maintenance and crew rotations, during it's time here Lieutenant Saunders seized the opportunity to spend time with his wife who was stationed aboard, whom he had only seen through subspace letters up until this point. Milton also applied for the recently vacated position of Assistant chief engineer aboard ship. His extensive knowledge of the crew and ship won him the placement over several other promising candidates. The next year saw the Gettysburg venture into the unknown, Lieutenant Saunders played his role of Assistant with fresh excitement and gusto. Milton became instrumental in several of the ships missions, including a computer virus-plagued Romulan warbird lost in deep space, first contact with a new species in an uncharted region and thwarting a conspiracy involving an intergalactic petting zoo.

Upon return to Federation space in 2386, Milton transferred to the USS Merrimac as the ships Chief engineer along with his wife as who served as a scientist in stellar cartography. During a diplomatic ferrying mission the ship ran into a quantum filament, causing extensive damage to the ships structural integrity, separating from the ships drive section, the saucer of the Merrimac all but fell apart on it's descent onto the nearby planet. The crew fared little better, a rescue attempt revealed little under a third of the crew had survived, among the casualties listed was Onita Saunders. After several months spent grieving the loss of his wife and friends among the crew of the Merrimac, Milton Saunders awaits his next assignment orders.
Service Record 2373 – Enlisted in Starfleet
2374 – USS Faragut, Computer system specialist
2379 – Starfleet Academy, Officer training
2383 – USS Gettysburg, Warp field engineer
2386 – USS Merrimac, Chief engineer