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Warrant Officer Sovik

Name Sovik

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan / Raeyan
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1'' / 186cm
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description With a name like Sovik, you have to be Vulcan right? Well, not quite. Sovik does have pointed ears and lacks the cranial and brow structure of a Romulan, but he is indeed Romulan... at least on his father's side. Though he can somewhat impressively pull off the cold strict logical sense of a Vulcan, it would be for show. Sovik stands 186 centimeters tall with broad shoulders, a fit muscular build, toned and tanned skin with dark brown hair and green eyes. His Raeyan features won out in the war of genetics giving him a more 'human' look aside from his pointed ears.


Spouse Single
Children Though Sovik has been known to become intimate with certain individuals when on assignments, he is sure to leave nothing behind. There have been no buns placed in any ovens and that is perfectly acceptable to Sovik as he has had zero romantic interests in most of the people he has had to seduce. He also has no immediate desire to reproduce offspring albeit his mother is waiting for him to make her a grandmother.
Father Major Merrat
Mother Yelena Alcott
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sovik has been a career intelligence operative with a specialization in infiltration and deep cover operations. As such, he has because extremely fragmented from his true self which he has lost sight of and is painfully watching it slowly fade away. He is a man who keeps himself at a safe distance from others emotionally, yet will immediately pull someone close to himself.

He may initially pursue romantic feelings or attraction to someone, but fears of abandonment will fester and expose themselves and his instability. He will likely become moderately to severely possessive and complain that his partner or lover is not there enough for him.

Sovik is constantly changing his off duty fashion and will go through several different hair styles in a month, sometimes to the point of styling his hair differently twice a day. He desperately required a rigid and structured life. Schedules are important to him as are expectations. If someone is always on time for something (as they should be), he will expect them to always be on time no matter what.

Friendships and relationships are almost always ever changing as Sovik struggles to find himself, he may go from enjoying a certain hobby to downright hating it. He may even show interest in someone or liking them as a friend one day and yet disliking or avoiding them the next depending on his mood swings and who he feels like that day. He does not stay at one assignment or one operation too long which tends to be fine for an intelligence agent, but his assignment to the USS Tornado is to be his longest.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS
▪ Physically Stronger than a human
▪ Trained in infiltration and intelligence reconnaissance
▪ Exceptional showmanship and performance abilities
▪ Calm and innovative under pressure

▪ Sometimes unintentionally deceptive
▪ Lacks the ability to trust blindly
▪ Possibly suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder
▪ Struggles to find own identity or sense of self
Ambitions ▪ Sovik is a man of a thousand masks, but his own 'face' is not that which he sees in a mirror or a reflection. Nothing ever really seems like him as he is sometimes left wondering if his line of work has changed him so much to the point that the real him no longer exists. He has performed so many 'parts' as an infiltration specialist that sometimes it is difficult to go back to eating the types of foods he truly enjoys and not what his cover is supposed to enjoy. Sovik had undergone more surgical alterations in the past few years to his appearance than most intelligence or security officers undergo in their entire career. Sometimes his ears are naturally pointed and other times they are as human as can be. Sometimes, he's Romulan, other times a Vulcan, and he has even had his pigmentation changed to pull off an Orion crime lord. His truest ambition is to one day wake up a remember who he really is deep inside.
Hobbies & Interests Though Sovik's hobbies and interests are constantly changing every so often, he does have a few things that have remained a constant in his life. These include:

▪ Theater - The performing arts are something that Sovik has enjoyed from an early age and had even gone into himself, often participating in school productions. He enjoys everything from musicals to drama to cabaret. Off duty you may sometimes hear him practicing lines or even performing privately on the holodeck.

▪ Holonovels - Sovik loves a good holonovel and will sometimes escape reality by delving into a good holographic fantasy. Though is tastes are eclectic and quite cumbersome, he does enjoy film noir, mystery, and crime thrillers the most.

Personal History
Service Record 2377: Turned down 'recruitment attempt' by the Tal'Shiar
2379: Enlisted in the Raeyan Guard
2379-2381: E1 in the Raeyan Guard
2381-2383: E2 in the Raeyan Guard
2383-2384: E3 in the Raeyan Guard
2384-2385: E4 Specialist in the Raeyan Guard
2385: Leaves Raeyan Guard / Recruited by Vulcan V'Shar
2385-2387: Agent of the Vulcan V'Shar
2387: Warrant authorized by Federation for work with Starfleet Intelligence
2387-2388: Starfleet Intelligence - Warrant Officer
2388-xxxx: USS Tornado - Warrant Officer - Infiltration Specialist