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Staff Sergeant Daniel Hennick

Name Daniel Hennick

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Staff Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 234 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A typical human Daniel stands tall and broad shouldered with a sense of pride in himself and his given duties. He's often cleanly shaven and well presented with his uniform


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ryan (Deceased)
Mother Maria (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Brenda (Cousin - USS Perth, Chief Medical Officer)
Tobias (Cousin - 2nd Battalion, 55th Marine Regiment)

Personality & Traits

General Overview What stands above all else is Daniel's sense of duty to the Federation as a whole and to the crew. While very aware of the somewhat murky tasks that he'll be assigned to complete Daniel tends to keep an upbeat attitude off-duty and displays a rather dry, observant sense of humour.

His loyalty to the Marine Corps is an unshakeable foundation in which he often finds himself relying on in times of great stress. Often which he refers to the organisation as 'my beloved Corps' and as a senior NCO of said establishment has spent a great deal of time in its 'care'.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly trained and experienced in both combat and infiltration tactics
+ Strong willed

-Nervous of EVA
Ambitions Daniel is a career NCO and has little in the way of ambitions beyond serving Federation interests. However should he live to the maximum deployment age he has considered the idea of retiring back on Earth as an instructor for the Marine Corps' Close Target Reconnaissance Group.
Hobbies & Interests Puzzles such as rubik's cubes, alien cuisine, motorcycle holodeck programs.

Personal History Orphaned at a young age when the USS Moscow,the ship his parents were deployed, on was destroyed when the warp core went critical for unknown reasons leaving him to be raised by his grandparents in Leeds, Yorkshire. At school he was a 'mediocre' student and often quiet. He did manage to make a circle of friends that got him through a period of sheer middling in his life.

Come graduation and the choices of careers came up Daniel's friends were whisked off to Starfleet Academy to begin illustrious careers in their various chosen fields. Daniel on the other hand was enamoured by the United Federation Marine Corps' recruitment drive. While he lacked the grades and character references to work towards an officer's commission he was all too happy to enlist.

Daniel was sent to Parris Island, South Carolina to begin a gruelling six months of basic and infantry training. The quiet mannered young boy had become a fully fledged marine who had thrown himself at everything the instructors could muster at his training platoon. They remarked that while he did show some leadership potential his main skill was his uncanny powers of observation and problem solving skills.

After spending years on exercises and patrols on the fringes of Federation territory the young marine got his first taste of combat in the Federation-Cardassian War. Daniel took part in numerous offensive and defensive actions which set the groundwork for his reputation within the battalion for being steadfast and unshakeable.

During the conflict Daniel was able to lead his squad in a scouting mission without being detected. Thus the unit was able to direct accurate fire onto Cardassian positions with minimal Federation losses. By the war's rather bitter and unclear end he was selected out to undertake training at the Corps' Close Target Reconnaissance Group (CTRG) in the famed Hereford Training Facility.

The time after the Cardassian War was a period of anti-piracy and anti-slavery operations within the Federation. Daniel found himself raiding Orion Syndicate slaving pens and Breen pirate bases within and along the Federation borders. The thrill of hiding with the chance of being discovered and captured, coupled with the adrenaline spiking surgical strikes against an enemy gave Daniel an appreciation for his job.

The skills of himself and his squad would be tested during the Federation-Klingon and the Dominion War. CTRG, MARSOC and Starfleet HAZARD teams were cobbled together in mixed-cap units in an effort to stem the tide of the Dominion by operating behind enemy lines with often mixed results and high causalities. While Daniel believed it was both these Starfleet and Marine Corps operations that bought time for the Alliance to regroup to push back into the Dominion held territory there was no one real factor. Regardless he gained an appreciation for Starfleet officers thanks to HAZARD.

With the Dominion War won there was a mass reshuffle of personnel from 'special forces' units such as CTRG. There was simply no great need any more for a heavy amount of specialised infantry forces. The marines within the CTRG groups were given a choice; return to a marine regiment in the hopes of attaining a place within an attached recon element or allow Starfleet Intelligence to retain their skills.

Daniel chose the later and spent the after-war period as an infiltration specialist on various starships until landing a position at the USS Tornado
Service Record 2341 - Born
2357 - Enlisted Training, United Federation Marine Corps
2359 - Deployed to Cardassian Front, 3rd Battalion, 101st Regiment
2366 - Regiment recalled from front due to end of hostilities. Daniel is enrolled in Close Target Reconnaissance Group training, Hereford, England.
2367 - Training ends. Deployed to anti-piracy operations. CTRG Group 12.
2372 - CTRG Group 12 is deployed to the Klingon Front after the outbreak of war.
2373 - Served in the battle of Ajilon Prime alongside Marine Special Operations and Starfleet HAZARD teams.
2374 - Deployed on Betazed for training exercise. Served in the Battle of Betazed. Evacuated along with remaining ground forces.

First Battle of Chin'toka. Deployed as part of CTRG efforts to pinpoint and neutralise Dominion hardpoints on planetary surface.

2375 - Took part in various battles as part of CTRG Group 12. Part of Federation ground forces deployed to Cardassia Prime.
2376 - Re-assigned to Starfleet Intelligence. Received training and assignment as an infiltration specialist.
2377- Training and sign-off completed. Assigned to USS Grand Canyon as part of anti-smuggling efforts.
2380- Assigned to Starbase 42; assisting local security forces with Nausicaan raiding attacks on settlements and shipping lanes.
2385 - Part of joint Federation-Romulan exchange
2388 - Assigned to USS Tornado, Infiltration Specialist.