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Ensign Elena Reis

Name Elena Reis

Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cygnian/Orion
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 1.65m (~5'5'')
Weight 54.8kg (~121lbs)
Hair Color Varies. Naturally Black.
Eye Color Orange.
Physical Description Physical Appearance: Elena is a bit odd looking. She is smaller than most members of Starfleet, with a slender and unimposing build. Due to early malnutrition, she never seemed to catch back up to the projections made based on her parentage. She keeps in good shape though, thanks to a good regiment of exercise and martial arts. She has two very defining characteristics, though, which draw attention to her more often than she would like. She has dark green skin, favoring her father and her Orion roots with only a few shades of darker green occurring thanks to the rubicund skin from her mother. The second feature noticed is normally her eyes. They are larger than normal, by a noticeable amount, but not nearly as large as many Cygnians. They have a bold orange coloration.

Her voice is not surprising given her size. She has a small, sometimes mousey (but due to her heritage, this might not be the best choice of words), voice when speaking. She speaks with a soft tone, and a bit of a Kolari accent, still a holdover from her youth. Despite her mother’s attempts, the accent has stuck, though it is a bit less than it was when she was a child. When singing, or using her voice to its full potential, she has a surprisingly powerful soprano and mezzo-soprano voice. This is a confidence issue. When confident, she can bring her full voice to any conversation, and has the ability to command a room when the need arises.

Elena does not follow Uniform Code well. She has a tendency to dislike the traditional uniforms. When required to wear them, she does, but accents them whenever possible, just as she accents herself. Her hair is the easiest to see this aspect. She almost always has an odd haircut, changing from time to time. As of last check she had a simple pixie cut, dyed a multitude of colors giving a strange sort of look with her skin. Of course, this is not the only accent she wears. She wears an old headset almost everywhere, and will wear it on duty, either around her neck or hanging at her hip. She has a number of piercings. Each ear has three piercings, and she usually wears earrings close to the Bajoran styles. She also has piercings in her eyebrows, nose, lip, naval, and other places. She wears Cygnian, Orion, and Betazed jewelry as well, such as a number of anklets, bangles, and bracelets. She also has a ‘few’ tattoos – the visible ones being an intricate knot design on the nape of her neck, and the stylized bird of prey on her right shoulder and chest.


Spouse None
Children None
Father (Biological) Ishim Varos. (Step/Adoptive) Moises Reis.
Mother Elodia Reis
Brother(s) (Step) Ashley Reis-Delgado
Sister(s) None
Other Family None known.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elena is a bit of a strange one in personality. She is often shy and reserved, quiet and introspective. However, this is just the persona she sort of defaults to. She isn’t, though. She is slow to open up to those around her, yes, but when she does, she is curious and outgoing. She enjoys speaking to people, finding new connections and things in common with others. Few get to this point, though and she has trouble realizing that she needs to work at it more too.

Those that do know her describe her as eccentric. She loves and enjoys everything, it seems. Her taste in music (which is always playing when she is off duty, and when she can get away with it on duty) is proof of this. She can listen to almost any genre and seem to enjoy it. And when she is with friends, she is much the same way. She just enjoys life, and can be easily described as excitable and quirky. The extreme levels of this, however, can sometimes be an acquired taste – especially when paired with her less than usual views on life and ethics compared to many in the Federation.

Still, she has had some stumbles along her way. This helps keep her optimism bright. But that brightness does cast a heavy shadow. She can fall into this way all too easily, and sometimes is a bit too quick to try to bury the shadows with her eccentricities. She can be depressed and anxious, and when she gets that way, she often becomes reclusive and stubborn. Overall, though, when she does become problematic like this, she does usually realize it and seek a good solution. But, if she can’t, she does sometimes fall back to old ways, and may slide into dangerous actions and vices.

She is very defensive of her heritage, on both sides. She isn’t ashamed of her Orion heritage, but she does hate the sort of baggage that all too often comes with that. It also irks her that her Cygnian heritage is often overlooked, or completely misunderstood. This has made her just as defensive of others, and very open to the different perspectives that are brought by others from other species and their unique qualities.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Athletic. Like many Starfleet personnel, Elena is naturally athletic. She keeps her athleticism through practice of a number of pursuits. She is a dancer, due to her love of music, practicing a few different styles. She also practices a number of martial arts; including Tatharoc and Capoeira. She has studied similar martial arts to these as well, such as Savate, and Orion Dancefighting, to give her a bit wider knowledge.

+ Multilingual. Elena grew up, and began speaking, as an Orion. She spoke Kolari first. When she was rescued, she first heard another language. Her mother began speaking Cygnian openly, but still fell back to Kolari from time to time, and she heard others speaking Federation Standard. Now, she speaks all three fluently, but is only listed as a native speaker of Cygnian. She can read and write Federation Standard as fluently, and has some proficiency in Cygnian and Kolari.

+ Musician. Many wouldn’t list musician as a strength. However, during the Dominion War, when music arguably saved Elena’s life, she put a lot of trust into it. Music calms and collects her. Whereas some see it as relaxing or entertaining, Elena is able to use music in many different ways to bolster herself, from protecting her from fear, to allowing her to concentrate on a subject, to directing her psionic abilities and pheromones to some degree. As such, she has trained, and trained. She is a talented singer, a capable songwriter, and is proficient in a great number of musical instruments. She relates nearly everything back to music, and her familiarity with sound, and odd sound given her tastes, seems to allow her to know what is happening to a shuttle before the instruments do.

+ Skilled Pilot. One of the ways that Elena ended up able to join Starfleet was due to her skill as a pilot. She has a natural skill and passion for flying, and learned in a less than legitimate fashion. She learned in her teenage years, when she took up joyriding. Her natural talent for flying was something she stumbled onto in a moment of desperation. Aside from music, though, this is her passion. She is possibly one of the better pilots out there, though her record doesn’t show it. She didn’t graduate with high marks, due to many minor infractions, but she made a name for herself as a high risk, high reward sort of pilot.

+ Tactical Officer. Elena was trained as a tactical officer in Starfleet Academy. She is likely to point out that she did not train as a security officer, contrary to popular belief. She is well versed in the ships of the galaxy, and the various weapons and tactics used by the various fleets. In ship to ship combat, she is very proficient.

+/- Cygnian Physiology. Cygnian physiology comes with some perks and drawbacks. Generally, Cygnians have tails, but Elena does not due to her hybrid birth, making her a bit clumsy. This seems a problem for a pilot, but her manual dexterity is not affected by this, only her natural walking movements. She has large eyes, with a wide range of vision. She enjoys a bit of night vision as well. Perhaps the most important aspect of this physiology is her psionic talents (described in detail below) which are complex in their own right, but can give her an edge when the situation is right.

+/- Orion Physiology. Orion physiology comes with a number of perks. She is physically stronger, and more agile, than many other humanoid species. She enjoys an improved resistance to radiation when compared to humans, as well. Her metabolism is also much different than a human’s, and this comes with its own boons and banes. She requires a bit more sporadic sleep than most, sleeping a few hours a few times per cycle instead of once for a ‘full night’ of rest, but despite this exhibits a higher than expected endurance much of the time. In addition, she has the pheromones known to Orion-kind (described in detail below), as well as sharp claws on her fingers.

+/- Pheromones. Like the Orions of her paternal heritage, Elena emits potent pheromones. Unlike others of the species, she does not have quite as potent a variety. Generally, it provided much the same effects as was expected. As with most orions, her pheromones generally gave a lightly calming sensation to those nearby, or could otherwise enhance general moods. To those attracted to her, though, they could encourage those feelings. In addition, prolonged interaction with her can make these effects cumulative, and begin to give worse effects to many species; such as headaches in humans. As such, she has to keep up with her hygiene and be aware of the effects on her and the crew around her, and seek medical assistance quickly if problems arise.

+/- Sympathetic Psionic Talents. Like many Cygnians, including her mother, Elena can feel and detect the actions of others nearby. The range of this ability is rather limited, but its applications are impressive in some aspects. For instance, she can operate very much in sync with other officers nearby without verbal communication, and it has helped her escape from some precarious situations in the past. For whatever reason, her hybrid status only diminished the control aspect of this, though, and she can very often suffer sympathetic pains to those in close proximity. In addition, she sometimes has trouble distinguishing her own feelings from others when these powers kick in, and sometimes this can confuse her or worse.

- Adrenaline Junkie. Elena is an adrenaline junkie, pure and simple. Normally, this is reserved to leisure time, but it does sometimes affect her performance on duty. She enjoys dangerous stunts in piloting. She has, and likely will again, endangered herself – and sometimes others – for a bit of adrenaline. More commonly though, it results in her own injuries, and there rarely is a week that goes by that she isn’t in a med bay having something patched up.

- Not A Security Officer. She says it time and time again, but people do not see to listen. She is not a Security Officer, she is a Tactical Officer. Like any Starfleet Officer, and any in the operations branch, she is trained in the use of small arms. However, small group tactics and security training were not on her mind in her training, and while she might know more than some, she is not as highly trained in security and ground combat as is often assumed. During her cadet cruise, she was often sent on away missions as a quick thought by a young officer unaware of this.

- Psychologic Issues. Elena has a hard time with some of her memories. She remembers the Dominion War. She remembers the sounds of those first volleys, of her home being destroyed, and unfortunately of people being killed – including her father. Those are the obvious memories; the one’s she admits too. She struggles with her mother, with the way she was treated as an Orion, as growing up the same, with her own survival. She does not let this define her, but it does affect her.

- Social Outcast. Elena has always been popular for the wrong reasons. She was either an oddity or a goal in many of her social interactions throughout her formative years. As such, she has always considered herself a social outcast. She’s uncomfortable in groups, even small ones – and often has to deal with the anxieties and fears that come with that. On duty, she pushes this aside, but she very often will rush straight back to her quarters when off duty, and avoid contact until she’s found some way to trust.
Ambitions Elena has one real ambition. Sure, when asked, she says the usual things. She wants to release music, maybe become a Commander or even a Captain, to fly and break records doing so. But really, if she is honest, her only real ambition is to find herself; at least for now.
Hobbies & Interests Music; Perhaps first and foremost in her interests, Music holds a special place in Elena’s heart. She is constantly listening to music. If she doesn’t have headphones on in her spare time, she has speakers going in her quarters. Half the time, she is playing or singing along, and the other half it seems like she’s just lost in the music. She even listens when flying, and with some instances.

Piloting; Elena is a pilot. She enjoys flying in her spare time. If she has holodeck time, one can assume this is what she is doing. She prefers the real deal, of course, as part of the appeal is the shot of adrenaline she gets but there are times where she enjoys a calm flight as well.

Sports; As an adrenaline junkie, Elena does practice a few sports – rock climbing, white water kayaking, almost anything that includes a speeding vehicle, and jumping off of high points are some of her favorites. A decent swimmer, probably her favorite thing is cliff diving, something that she has regretted from time to time.

Personal History --- Family ---
Ishim Varos; Elena’s Biological father was the first officer aboard the smuggling vessel called the Kit Fox. He was little more than an Orion thief, who had lucked into a decent smuggling job, and he is currently imprisoned. Elena met her father when she was a teenager. Her curiosity got the better of her. The experience was unpleasant, and she doesn’t like to speak of it. “All unsuccessful mission end in suicide, little one.”

Moises Reis; Her Step-Father, Moises Reis met the pair shortly after they moved to Kilana Colony in 2369. He was killed during the Dominion War, when he stood with the Betazoid’s of the colony in resisting the Dominion. He was a genuine father figure to Elena, and if she refers to a father, it is Moises she is talking about. He told her, “Never be afraid of who you are,” something she tries to take to heart.

Elodia Reis; Her Mother, Elodia and Elena have never gotten along well. She is alive, and well enough, living on Betazed in a small apartment near the capital. She works at a local tailor’s shop. The two speak only rarely, but recently began to speak a bit more often.

Ashley Reis-Delgado; Her Step-Brother, Ashley and Elena were about the same age. When his father died, Ash was different. Eventually, his mother arrived to pick him up, and took him away. When the two got older, Ash and Elena reconnected. She had expected the worst, but was pleasantly surprised, and they remain close to this day – if separated by great distances.

Valys; Her Cygnian Lunar Moth pet. Unlike the similarly named species from Earth, the Cygnian Lunar Moth is a particularly long lived species. Elena has had Valys for years – though the exact date isn’t known. Valys is a large insect very similar to an Earth Moth. Its body is roughly the length of her hand, from wrist to the tip of her middle finger, and it has an enormous wingspan of nearly a thirty centimeters. It is easy to spot in her quarters, as it is bright green and blue with intricate patterns on its large wings.

Lieutenant Commander Sofia Parish; While not directly related to her, Sofia Parish takes time to check in on Elena when she can. The two talk from time to time, most often through letters. It was Parish that helped get Elena into Starfleet Academy, after her ‘one phone call’.

--- Early Life ---
While it isn’t discussed often, or common knowledge, Elena’s birth was the result of an instance of rape. This caused a lot of early issues the Elodia simply did not reveal to the girl until much later in life. The first was the attempt by her biological father to get rid of her. However, Elodia kept her safe, at great danger to herself, though she admitted it was for selfish reasons later in life. As long as Elena was safe, so was she. When the two were eventually rescued, Elena was nearly two years old. She was born in 2366 by best estimate, but the exact day is unknown.

Elodia and Elena were rescued from a smuggling vessel that tried to break orbit in the Quirinus Sector after being stopped by the USS Kopesh, a Saber Class on patrol. After it refused to halt, and made a jump to warp, the Kopesh pursued. The ship, operating under the name Kit Fox, was disabled. Two away teams were beamed over, and a firefight followed, leaving a number of crewmen wounded. Lieutenant Commander Sofia Parish stumbled upon a hidden compartment, where Elodia had been hidden, along with a young child – both malnourished and mistreated. This rescue took place on August 14th, 2368. Elena was granted her citizenship in the United Federation of Planets nearly a week later, on August 20th, at Starbase 29.

--- Childhood ---
After their rescue, Elodia and Elena spent some time on Starbase 29 recovering from their ordeals, and finding a place to stay. During this, not a lot happened. There was quite a bit of paper work to do, as Elodia had been missing for some time and Elena had not been in the Federation when born. So, for a few months, the two lived on the Starbase and received the care they needed. A few planets were offered up as options, but places like Coridan and Rigel. A few argued quite heavily for these areas, as they would likely be more willing to accommodate a part Orion. However, Elodia was worried about staying at the border, and thus a more inward planet was chosen.

The two eventually moved to the Kilana Colony, a small agricultural and mining colony near the Betazed System. They were successfully settled in 2369, in a small town called Ayalia, named after the ship that had founded it. The two struggled to acclimate those first few months, but in late 2370, Elena had begun schooling and Elodia had found work. Elena, who couldn’t remember the circumstance of her birth or early life, was a rather well-adjusted child at this time. She was friendly, outgoing, and curious. This caught the attention of one of her classmates, Ashley Reis.

As Ashley and Elena grew up together, their parents also became friends. While the children did not know it, their parents had grown quite fond of one another, and had begun dating. Elodia eventually married Moises Reis, and the family became a family of four. Elena and Elodia had found a place for themselves on this little colony. They couldn’t have hoped for more. Moises became a father to Elena, and Ashley became her brother. In these years, she only really remembered good times. Of course, there were bad things that happened, but even when they did, she had a family to come home too.

--- The Dominion Wars ---
In 2373, the Dominion Wars began. At the time, Ashley and Elena were both seven years old. Elena remembered the change in tone, but was too young to really understand what was going on. Being relatively deep in Federation Space, though, the colony was expected to be safe. Elena would watch the news with her parents at night, and there wasn’t any real worry about what was going on in the larger world.

In 2374, though, she began to have a bit of trouble at school. One of the other students had begun to pick on her for her species. Mostly, this was the students a bit older than her, and she was bullied somewhat. Unfortunately, she was afraid to tell this to her parents, and chose to hide out her room at home. This habit ended up separating her from her family at the worst possible time. During the major offensive against Betazed by the Dominion, the small colony found itself in the path of conflict. A small invading force touched down on the planet shortly after signal had been lost with Betazed.

Due to the colonies resource yield, it was occupied and used to bolster the supplies of the Dominion during their occupation of Betazed and in battles in nearby regions. During this time, many of the colonists were put to work in the mines, or kept under rather intense watch. Once the Resistance on Betazed began fighting, there were murmurs of resistance on the colony, and as such, Betazoids were quickly found to be hostile to the Dominion, and rounded up. Moises, along with a number of other colonists, began to hide and protect the Betazoids among them. The Jem’Hadar did not take kindly to this affront, and the city was stormed one night to find any hidden Betazoids. Elena and her family were one home that attacked. Moises bought them, and the Betazoids they had harbored, time to escape by fighting the squad of Jem’Hadar. It was not a contest that could be won, and Moises was killed, but the group did escape from the city. The Dominion War would end not long after this.

--- Middle Years ---
After the Dominion War, there was an adjustment period to say the least. She had lost friends, and a father, and her brother had changed for the worse. Then, in early 2377, his birth mother was finally able to secure the transports to bring him back home to the Sol System. She was suddenly alone again, with just her mother. That had never been a particularly calm relationship, but it got much worse after the two were on their own for the second time. Elodia tried to do well for her daughter, but they struggled quite a lot, and as Elena began to grow up, more problems began to arise.

Elodia was made very temperamental by Elena’s pheromones when they first arrived, and neither really expected problems of the sort. For a time, Elodia was unfortunately very honest with her daughter, saying things that the young girl was not prepared for, and it caused her to withdraw from her mother and school quite heavily. At school, this just made her an easier target, and one fellow student, in 2378 (when Elena was age 12), was affected poorly by her pheromones and a general dislike of her, and the two got into a fight. Elena was hurt, but more emotionally than physically. It began a cycle though, and while the realization of what had happened was able to help Elodia and Elena mend their relationship.

--- Teenage Years ---
At age 15, in 2381, Elena was removed from public schools. After a series of fights with girls in her class, and a number of incidents with boys, she was deemed unable to control her emotions and a danger to the others in the school. She was given a private tutor, who was removed from the position shortly after. She was placed in a private school that specialized in troublesome youths. This went predictably, unfortunately.

At 16, in 2382, Elena was arrested by Federation Police after stealing a shuttle from a Starfleet Officer. She was caught by a retired Starfleet Fighter Pilot Commander Gabriel Ely, who described her as “a hell of a blockade runner”. Lieutenant Commander Sophie Parish was able to secure funding for counsel and get the girl out of a holding cell. Elena was charged with reckless endangerment, operating a shuttle without certification, and misuse of Federation Property, but the other charges were dropped and redacted from her record after investigation into the incident. She spent a season in a Federation Youth Detention Facility on Betazed, before being released on house arrest.

In this time, though, she was followed very closely by the Federation. Her studies were monitored, and she was given a tutor through the Detention Program, who noticed that she was behind and troubled, but intelligent. By seventeen she was caught up, and even excelling, and she decided that if she couldn’t fly without Starfleet, then she would join Starfleet. For a year, she fought for acceptance in Starfleet, which was challenging due to her criminal record. However, due to her scores at the end of her school year, and personal recommendations from Parish, Ely, her Tutor, and the Judge that prosecuted her case, she was given a probationary acceptance.

--- Starfleet Academy ---
Elena enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2384. She would become a pilot, or that was her plan. Early on she had trouble with a few students. Being on Probation, she was almost expelled in her first year after a fight with another student. However, it was discovered that she fought solely defensively, weaving in and out of the other student’s attacks without ever throwing a punch (or in her case, kick). When asked why she didn’t defend herself by fighting back, she simply said she wanted to fly – and worried that even one hit might get her expelled. When Elena would take on Tactical in addition to Piloting, this would become a common sparring occurrence, with martial artists in the Tactical and Security branches just trying to hit her.

By 2385, Elena had found herself unexpectedly accepted by her classmates. This gave her a burst of energy she hadn’t expected, and she proved herself over and over again in the theory classes she took, well on her way to being one of the top in her class. It was also this year in which she chose to work on a dual specialization, working towards her credentials as both a Flight Officer and a Tactical Officer.

In 2386, she took the Kobayashi Maru for the first time. She, like so many students, did not do terribly well. She would go on to try a second and third time. On her second attempt she fared somewhat better, but still did not pass the test to the satisfaction of her instructors. It was her third test that she was able to earn her marks. She did so in a way marked as “wildly inappropriate” and “disgraceful” but “surprisingly in line with every tenet defined [by the test]” by her instructors.

After this, her Academy career was rather lackluster. She did well, and likely would have been very high within her class rankings, but minor issues and conduct seemed to plague her. Light faults in form in flying, for instance, or exceeding safe speeds. Still, her instructors and commanders in her cadet cruise spoke very highly of her, and after her graduation she didn’t have to wait long for an assignment. During the small wait, though, she did get the chance to spend some time with her mother – something she hadn’t done in a few years.
Service Record Education
2370-2381; Colonial Public Education.
2382; Private School
2382-2384; Private Tutoring to finish Schooling.
2384-2388; Starfleet Academy.
- Bachelor of Science in Military Science.

- Certified Flight Officer (Various Classes of Auxiliary and Fighter Craft)
- Combat Flight Officer (Type Nine Shuttlecraft)
- Certified Helmsman (Frigate and Light Cruiser Classes)
- Drop Certifications (Combat, Low Altitude, Low Orbit, High Altitude, and Standard Drop)
- Phaser Certification (Type One, Type Two, and Type Three)
- Security Certification (Type Three Phaser, EVA Carbine Type)
- Self-Defense Certification (Tatharoc)
- Tactical Certification (Phaser Systems Specialization)
- Native Speaker (Cygnian)
- Fluent Speaker (Federation Standard, Kolari)

Starfleet Records
2384: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy (on Betazed). On Probation.
2385: Declared Specialization in Flight.
2386: Declared a second Specialization in Tactical.
2386: Kobayashi Maru test taken three times, “passed” on the third attempt.
2387: Graduates from Starfleet Academy, dual specialization in Tactical and Flight Control.
2387: Cadet Cruise, USS Saga, Helmsman and Tactical Officer.
2388: Ensign, USS Tornado-C, Tactical Officer.

Non-Starfleet Records
Criminal Records
2381: Misdemeanor Assault, two counts. Guilty. Removal from Public School, placement in Private Institute (not listed), and Counseling.
Addendum – Sentence reduced after medical examination.
2382: [Redacted]. Charges Dropped.
2382: [Redacted]. Charges Dropped.
2382: [Redacted]. Charges Dropped.
Addendum – Case Transferred to JAG.
2382: Misuse of Starfleet Property. No Contest. Time Served.
2382: Operating a Shuttle without Certification. No Contest. Time Served.
2382: Reckless Endangerment. No Contest. Time Served.

Medical and Psychological Records
2368: Treated for malnutrition, minor injuries, as a result of her early captivity.
2369: Immunized against common ailments, specifically those in the Betazed Sector.
2374: Treated for malnutrition, minor injuries, as a result of the conflict in the Betazed Sector.
2375 – Present: Psychiatric consultation and sessions. Some interruptions in sessions during 2380 and 2381.
2378 – Present: Phero-suppressants administered weekly.
2381: Treated for injuries after fights in school.
2382: Treated for injuries after a criminal confrontation.