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1st Lieutenant Declan Finn

Name Declan Cailean Finn

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 177lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description The peak of human physical conditioning; something he's trained his entire life to attain. Declan has been the tip of the sword since day one in the Corps. Tall and severe, he takes everything seriously; from his day-to-day job to his drinking, gambling and carousing.

Born and raised in Melbourne, that's very obvious as soon as he opens his mouth.

Tests the limits of the SFMC standards on grooming as he keeps his hair, and beard, far from the perfect high and tight preferred in the Corps. Considering he spends most of his duty time in the field, it's generally ignored, but as he's been promoted that window of blissful ignorance is starting to close on him.


Spouse Victoria (7 years)
Children Thankfully none (his words)
Father Travis Finn
Mother Racheal Finn
Brother(s) Harold (+2 years) - Complete polar opposite of his younger brother. Wife, kids, dog, etc.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Declan was scouted for the SFMC's fabled Force Recon from his first days in recruit training. He moved straight from recruit training into Force Recon and has served there until very recently, moving through the ranks up to giving the orders though he never missed an opportunity to be in on the op himself - even when given orders not to. He's one of the best at what he does, and while he wants to train the next generation, he doesn't even begin to think he's too old for the game.

Leads by example and by being as good as he wants those under his command to be. He's the type of commander who not only puts his men out into the field in the worst conditions, but goes out there with them and leads from right alongside. The farther he's ascended the chain, the easier it is for him to do it against the wishes of his superiors.

A hardcore individual in all aspects. He's aggressive, short-tempered and testosterone fueled.
Strengths & Weaknesses + All aspects of combat.
+ Survival Instincts/Combat Awareness
+ Extremely aggressive - doesn't back down: ever.
+ His lack of empathy and aggressiveness actually make him a strangely successful diplomat.

- Short-tempered
- Overly Aggressive
Ambitions To live to the next mission
Hobbies & Interests American Football holoprograms, Woodworking, Gardening (just try making fun of him for it)

Personal History For the most part never on the right path a single day in his life until he discovered his aptitude for martial training late in primary school as he was progressing into Middle School. That aptitude only grew as he got older, leaving him one of two options: Join Starfleet or join the Marine Corps. Considering his latent aggressiveness and his skills as a survivalist, he chose the latter.

Declan was scouted early in Marine Corps training for Force Recon and left training straight for Team #5, where he served for the majority of his career, ultimately taking command of the team. Their primary specialty was closed-quarters, silent entry, scout and extraction which was regularly applied to Starship incursions.

After more than his fair share of missions and losses, the Corps instituted an exchange program with Starfleet in an effort to foster better relations between the two branches and to allow for more seamless transitions between them while on duty. Declan was hardly the ideal candidate, but command more or less insisted with the hope that one of their Force Recon team commanders would do wonders for the Starfleet personnel under his command.

With that, and after a brief Fleet indoctrination, the Corps enrolled him in the exchange program and he was assigned to the USS Excalibur in the role of Chief Tactical and Security Officer as well as Marine CO.
Service Record Working on Dates, will get them done shortly