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Ensign Kaylee Williams

Name Kaylee Williams

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 175
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Kaylee has long shoulder length blonde hair. Fair skinned, with a slight serious but compassionate appearance. She has a slim and athletic body and well toned due to her constant working out in one way or another. She cleans up nice but you'll find dirt or something on her most of the time. She has a cyborg arm due to losing her real one, it has some unknown markings all over it.


Father Jordan Williams
Mother Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaylee loves working, weather to fix or replace a broken part, you can usually find her under something or in medical for burns she has suffered. In general she is a pretty outgoing person but serious when needed. She is kind of like her dad in many aspects due to the fact she hung out with him a lot growing up. She is quite adept at general engineering as well as nano-engineering. She is quite adept at repairing Soft ware coding and improvising Hardware solutions. She dabbles with AI programming but her true passion is making something out of whatever she can find.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kaylee is pretty good in her technical skills and at a young age started to learn martial arts to try to bring balance to her life. She is very capable in managing her time which makes balancing out work and play very much part of her life. She is very trusting which leads to her weakness, people tend to take advantage of that trust. She loves to help people even if that happens to be a double edged sword. She considers herself a scavenger, picking up parts that others discard and remaking them into something new to sell or to use. She is also known to be overconfident in her abilities when a challenge is bigger than her. She is also very resourceful and tends to tinker on things until a new life is breathed into them. She enjoys taking things apart and reassembling them as something else which makes her a rare commodity in the galaxy. She is overly curious and typically doesnt listen to others when there is something she wants to solve for good or bad. Even if it includes pressing a button she isnt supposed to press but she wants to, in order to find out what it does. She tends to have tunnel vision when working on a project. On occasion she will be found tinkering to build something on a mere dream just to see what it turns out to be later.

She had one of her arms replaced by a cyborg arm, she found out after a few days the arm speaks to her and is very possessive over tools which if it doesnt have absorbs into itself so Kayla can recall the tool via neural link between the arm and herself. If needed make crude weapons from almost nothing.

Recent development the cybernetic arm of unknown origins has revealed itself to be a nano-morphic arm with a neural interface to Kaylee's brain which then forms whatever it absobed into whatever Kayla needs at the time, tools or hand, it responds to her neural thought impulses, which in turn she thinks the arm is talking to her giving her unknown insights which to date havent gotten her killed. It does however shuts down when exposed to an EMP field.

She has an abundance of curiosity which has gotten her into trouble, if there is a lever or a button which draws her attention she has an surge of curiosity to push it or pull it.
Ambitions Her greatest ambition at the moment would be to buy a ship and fly around offering her services to people in need even if they cant really pay. She loves helping people.
Hobbies & Interests - Tinkering
- Reading Engineering texts
- Martial Arts

Personal History Kaylee was born and raised on earth by a single father who worked as a engineer for Utopia Plantia shipyard. So she was raised around engineers her entire life. When she was old enough to work, she followed her father to work every day to get some experience under her belt to make going to Boot camp a tad easier. When she turned 18, she left home and headed for boot camp. Her father was angry that she left but also understood. Kaylee didn't know what was in store for her. She found she enjoyed being trained as a Combat Engineer and taught how to rely on nanites for various purposes.

When she was done with boot camp she was sent off to join a Squad on the outskirts of Federation space who was in bad need of a combat engineer and Kaylee was one of the best that graduated from boot camp. She went on a few missions until one fateful day she and her squad ran across an ancient piece of technology that shot out Q type chaos energy, and somehow her arm was hit by the chaos energy and she lost her arm only to have it replaced by a cybernetic arm by the same random chance beam. She found out the arm though had weird markings on it actually revealed itself soon after, finding out the arm had the need to absorb things that it didn't have, much like a human had an addiction, the arm had an addiction to tools and sometimes weapons, it took control of Kaylee only when it came into range of a tool it didn't possess. Which after awhile, she realized wasn't a bad thing due to the fact her tool box was now her arm instead of the tool kit she had to carry around with her at all times.

When she grew tired of fixing things, she picked up on a few additional skills on her outings, which proved useful to her even though she didn't realize it at the time. When her time with the GDI (Guardian Defense Initiative) was up, she decided to leave the Marine Corps and re-enlist in Starfleet and decided to go into a engineering discipline.

Due to her years the Marines, Starfleet Academy took this into account and graduated her a year earlier compared to everyone else as her scores were impressive to say the least. All Kayla cared about was getting out of the class room into some real world experience and she did just that, her first assignment after the Academy was ironically a starship, first of its kind to rely on holograms for its functions at times which was a nice change of pace from her last assignment, maybe the slowness would help her in the long run.
Service Record Boot Camp (Combat Engineer)
Guardian Initiative (Combat Engineer, served for 10 yrs)
Academy (Engineering Specialist)
USS Cavalry (Engineering Specialist)
USS Tornado (Engineering Specialist)