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Lieutenant JG Ciara Odette

Name Ciara Aoife Odette

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 155
Hair Color Jet black.
Eye Color Light grey with hints of blue.
Physical Description Her hair is almost always freshly tousled, though for official functions she does take the time to straighten and set it.

A smattering of sun-kissed freckles highlights her nose, and upper cheeks, a gift from her Mother and her sun filled childhood.

She takes grooming somewhat seriously, and is always well-kept, and this extends to her fitness as well, her body one of an athlete. Thin, but solid.

Eyes of grey, with specks of blue, reminiscent of the charming french man that is her dear father.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Morten Jensen Odette
Mother Aisling Rey Odette
Brother(s) None, only child.
Sister(s) None, only child.
Other Family Grandparents on both sides of her family have passed.

Cousins from both sides exist, though she is the only one in Starfleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bubbly, is the way others describe her.

Ciara would balk at that, and simply say she is friendly. A smile always greets you when approaching her, and she prides herself on being a kind individual who loves to listen to others, and help in any way she can.

Despite working very well as a team, and having pursued Command in the Academy, she does value her alone time and often can be found staring off into a good book, or space, with a cup of something next to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very good at being a 'team player', she hides her emotions and true feelings well, keeping the smile ever present and ensuring those around her know she's reliable, and able to be trusted. She still struggles internally in her life though with negative thoughts towards herself at time, knowing she could do better with her career. Typically it doesn't manifest in public, but others, especially the 'Dets' would catch her on those days where her smile was gone and replaced with a blank slate.
Ambitions Having specialized in command during her academy years, she feels most utilized when she is able to guide others and be a critical part of their support structure.

She dreams of commanding her own ship one day, but in the short term, she'd be happy to lead more away missions, or get some proper bridge time under her belt.

After leaving the academy she fell into operations roles, with a stint in tactical / security as needed. But, the desire for command still is primarily on her mind, and she's always looking for learning opportunities.
Hobbies & Interests A self described bookworm, Ciara collects original writings and any 'physical' reading material she can get her hands on. This proves to be an annoyance when traveling between assignments, but she considers it worth the hassle.

Beyond reading, she enjoys running, bodyweight exercises, and archery. While she prefers to practice archery with her actual bow on a real range, she doesn't mind resorting to the holodeck training programs, and has obtained a few custom made ones as well.

Finally, not the last of her hobbies but the largest worth mentioning would be her love for food. Specifically, breads and any type of drink. Her father instilled a love of proper french bread, and bakeries deep in her personality, and she's always chased the perfect cup of coffee, tea, along with the most exotici alcholoch and nonalcoholic beverages she can get her hands on.

Personal History Ciara Odette, or 'Aoife ' (pronounced ee +fa) to her friends and family, is a very curious-minded individual hailing from the planet Earth. She was born in Carlingford, Ireland as an only child, to a French father and Irish mother. As a child, she loved to explore their house, yard, city and beyond. No stranger to scrapes, bruises, dirt under her fingernails, she was a very adventurous child. Her first, and main job growing up was in her father's small bakery, named Calcifer.

Throughout her childhood, and early adulthood, one of her main struggles was always her weight, despite being an active child. Her love for food (all her father's fault, she'd say) was to blame, and it took awhile for her to find out the flow of her own body. As she aged into her late teen years, the burning desire to join Starfleet Academy compelled her to get into the shape and size she'd always wanted to be. Now having met that goal, she can more happily embrace her love of food, while keeping her body in balance. Though, it does still worry her at the edge of her mind, and she can be self conscious about it.

Growing up she always read stories of the scientists and adventurers in space, reading over publicly released Starfleet mission reports like one would read comics. Treasured birthday presents were bits of rocks from other planets, to small plants (that cleared import and customs, of course),and even books from completely other worlds. Complete and rare treasure in her eyes.
Service Record Joining the academy at 19, she was quickly swept up into a crazy world of knowledge, new worlds, new people and crushing amounts of homework. Thankfully her physical preparation did pay off, and made the long nights, and intense physical education classes and combat training easier than it would have been earlier in her life. But her time was consumed with command classes, operation systems, and even extracurricular activities such as tactical training, and participating in the Academy's archery program.

Her academy years were eventful, but she was not the most decorated Cadet outside in her class by any means. Having taken so much on, she managed great grades, but didn't make the top 5 of her class. This lead to her peers not paying her a lot of mind professionally, but her friends were close and her family proud. Plus, soon she'd take that leap into warp and finally venture properly out into the universe, so she couldn't be happier. She made many friends, both other students and teachers alike, and looks back on her Academy years very fondly.

Fresh out of the academy, Ciara was assigned with a few other cadets from her class, to the USS Ashaton, an Olympic class medical frigate. Not her first choice, but they had the need for a new operations chief, who in turn needed bright eyed cadets to carry out grunt work. It was hard work, and overwhelming, but the never-ending, bubbling excitement of working on an actual starship helped to temper that.

Over time, her group of Cadet's became known as the 'Reliable Dets' or simply 'the Dets', and were often bounced around the Ashaton to different departments in need of assistance. Her favorite was working with tactical and security, as the systems are so complex and intriguing, along with the fact Phasers have always fascinated her. It doesn't hurt she already had an affinity for weapons with her love of Archery, but she definitely is someone who would hesitate using anything above Stun settings.

After a long stint aboard the Ashaton, her group was sadly split up as they knew would happen one day, each transferred to a new home. Though they stay in contact, Ciara is currently focused on heading towards new adventures, and continuing her career in Starfleet.