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Lieutenant Richard Wayne

Name Richard Gregory Wayne

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 189 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Richard is quite the lanky man. He stands tall and with his athletic upbringing he has a wide stature to himself. He considers his looks Average its his charm that wins the ladies hearts. He has a scare on his back where he had emergency heart surgery when he was 1 month old. Other then that he has his families crest tattooed on his right upper arm


Spouse none
Children none that he knows of
Father Jason Wayne
Mother Barbra Wayne
Other Family Growing up as an only child he spent most of his time with his childhood best friend Eric Mixon and considers him his brother as much as if he was his own blood.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rich is generally a laid back guy especially when out of uniform. When he is off duty he loves having a drink at the Ship's bar and 'shooting the breeze' with just about anybody. He's quite affable, makes acquaintances quite quickly and a genuine mate to his close friends. He is a passionate Jazz-lover who plays the (Earth) bass guitar and loves to 'jam' with like-minded musicians. He was responsible for organising 'gigs' with the band at all his career appointments. When in uniform due to his unique experience he firmly believes there's a time for everything. He basically works hard and plays hard. In his work mode, he tends to maintain a calm, balanced and directed working environment, however when urgency becomes paramount he exercises judgement wisely to drive his team and expects his people to keep up with him and to demonstrate professionalism and a firm commitment to the team objective.
Although tolerant to the odd mistake if it is openly admitted, he can become quite irate if there are too many unforced errors. He hates looking incompetent and privately works to maintain a high standard of performance in order to lead by example. To this end he loves to run drills of varying complexity when on Watch because he's learned that especially in a battle situation nothing runs to plan and a well trained crew will out-do a well armed ship any day. To this end he's a good listener and is willing to help any crew member, especially junior officers with a personal or professional issue. On matters of discipline he expects all personnel to uphold the required standard of conduct and bearing as members of Starfleet. He is loyal to his command regardless of the popularity of any decisions.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rich is a seasoned warrior with good survival instincts. Although he is not naturally belligerent, having fought at so many conflicts in his career he is not afraid of death and so has become a calculated risk-taker. At times he can be a bit inflexible in his thinking and thus becomes agitated when things aren't materializing, however he's not averse to trying another possible solution once 'the penny drops' as the saying goes.
Because of his lighter side, charisma comes naturally to him and can inspire others to give more when required. He however can become withdrawn when enduring personal difficulty and can lose his focus. At work his closest friends are his only avenue of support.
He can work well individually but is much better in a team scenario and prefers the team approach because he can feed off others to help him keep his head on. He's also a good judge of character and quickly knows where he stands with people he meets or with whom he works.
Ambitions Definitely a career officer devoted to the Federation and to maintaining its place as a honorable, respected and viable force in the Alpha Quadrant and the wider galaxy.

With his solid background and experience, Rich proactively seized the opportunity for this Strategic Ops posting away from SFHQ and closer to front-line activity. He also chose a starbase in order to challenge him.
Hobbies & Interests Flying, sailing, sports, music (especially Jazz), playing (Earth) bass guitar, ancient mythology, military history and tactics.

Personal History Richard grew up in a wealthy home on Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. He had two loving parents that taught him wrong from right and even though you have money you have to work for what you want. Richard was a very social kid making friends all over town. At the age of 8 he suffered his first life tragedy when his parents were killed in a plane crash. Richard's grandfather Charles would move in and raise him.

Richard would get passed much of his grief and would spend the summer on the beaches of Lake Michigan playing volleyball, hanging with friends, and flirting with the girls that lined the beaches. In the fall his Grandpa took him out into the woods of Wisconsin to hunt, fish, and learn survival techniques. At the age of 16 Richard emancipated himself and went on a world journey to explore ancient civilizations that fascinated him. He spent 6 months with Nomadic people in Mongolia learning to live off the land. Then he spent a year in Tibet studying the teachings of Buddhism at a Monastery. In both cases while he was an outsider he earned the respect of the people he stayed with and became one with the groups. At the age of 18 he came home and tested out of his last year of school and graduated.

Many didn't know what direction Richard would go next but after exploring lost worlds on earth his attention turned to the stars. He enrolled and was accepted into Star Fleet Academy. He found his niche after his first year he was approached by Star Fleet Intelligence. They had seen how easily he was able to blend into any environment and as he took his normal classes they cultivated him during his down time in the art of espionage. Richard graduated from the Command Academy with a specialization in Security/Tactical systems.

Richard's first deployment was as Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical in the 4th Fleet, Task Force 72, USS Victorious. He loved his first assignment and got along great with his first captain and learned alot from him. After five years on the Vickya he was reassigned to lead a SI black ops team that worked deep cover in varies hot spots throughout the 4th Fleet's AO. Richards next assignment was as Chief of Base Security on the Starbase Denova. That lasted for 6 months before he was promoted to LT Cmdr. and made XO of USS Tornado.

Shortly after taking the post he got word from an ex-girlfriend that he had a son, Jason Drake who was 8. She wanted to know if he wanted to have anything to do with Jason's life. Richard did and after getting approval he had a shuttle bring Jason to him on DS6. Only problem was the shuttle did not make it. Is was intercepted by pirates that first took Jason hostage and than killed him. Richard was furious and Star Fleet was forced to put him on Mental Health Leave.
Service Record Service Record:
2379-2383 Cadet at Star Fleet Academy.

2383-2385 Assigned to USS Victorious Asst. Chief Sec/Tac

2385-2386 Served Star Fleet Intelligence as a Special Ops team leader:
Rank: Lt. JG

2387 Joined the USS Indefatigable As Chief Strategic Operations Rank: Lieutenant

2387 Was sworn in to the Federation Marshals Service and transferred to Starbase Denova to be Head of Base Security.
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

2388 Transfered to the USS Tornado as XO.