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Lieutenant JG Zepht

Name Zepht

Position Language Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Denobulan
Age 92

Physical Appearance

Height 184 cm (6 ft)
Weight 88.9 kg (196 lbs.)
Hair Color Reddish-brown
Eye Color Hazel (Color changes with mood)
Physical Description Zepht stands a well-built 6 foot tall. He has the typical Denobulan facial ridges and the large brow ridge. His skin tone is in the more orange range and his eyes are usually a dark hazel in color. His eyes do change color with his mood. He keeps himself physically fit, although he’s not thin. Unclothed, he does have the typical Denobulan ridges along his spine.


Spouse Zepht has never been married, but like most of his people he does have multiple partners that he feels particularly attached to. He has a tendency to be attracted to males mostly, but he has had intimate relationships with females as well. Klaban and Nalt are the two that he consistently returns to when he’s home.
Children Four, that he is aware of. It’s very likely that there are more. He would not be opposed to finding out he has more. He has two daughters and two sons. Anari and Liera, Delix and Vinku.
Father Morox
Mother Natala
Brother(s) Too many to name, but his favorite brothers are Rinix, Takis, and Charr.
Sister(s) Too many to name, but his favorite sisters are Kyn and Asha.
Other Family His family is extensive, because of Denobulan relationship practices, and long life familial connections can be long and complicated. Zepht has close to six hundred living relatives.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zepht is outgoing and friendly for the most part. Like most Denobulan males he doesn’t really like to be touched unless things are going to get intimate, but he’s friendly enough to make up for not being a hugger. He’s laid back and would rather watch than participate or cause drama, but sometimes his frank way of speaking can rub people the wrong way. He’s very driven by his own curiosity and often finds himself researching several things at once. His current obsession can often lead to distraction from his current occupation.

Known Topics:
Linguistics, Script Translation, Study of Ancient Cultures, Archeology, Anthropology, Study of Ancient Languages, Sociology, Psychology and Cartography

Known Languages:
Klingon, Hur’q, Vulcan (with several varieties of ancient Vulcan), Standard (English with several varieties of ancient languages), Antaran, Denobulan, Gorn, Bajoran, Ferengi, Tamarian, Orion (high and low), Andorii, Borg, Rihannsu, and Breen just to name a few. He also knows several different types of sign languages including American Sign Language and Gesture.
Strengths & Weaknesses His main weakness is that he often bites off more than he can chew and takes on more than he can handle at any given moment. This has good and bad effects. He does learn a lot, but he learns a little about a lot of things. He’s often off to the next subject he wants to know about before he really knows everything about the first subject. This makes him a Jack-of-all-Trades, but a master of none.
Ambitions Zepht’s ambitions often fall to short term goals and never develop into long term goals. His only desire is to be happy and enjoy what he’s doing. He’s learned over his lifetime so far that if he doesn’t like it he can leave and go do something else. He’s not one to strive to be the best or brightest in his fields, but often, under scrutiny, he is. Not that he lacks motivation, but he is often motivated from moment to moment and not because of some overall, far-reaching goal.
Hobbies & Interests Almost all of Zepht’s hobbies and interests involve research of some kind. Ancient cultures and Languages have always been his main obsessions, but he does research things that are slightly more entertaining. He likes to cook and finds it relaxing. One of his goals is to cook at least one dish from every culture whose language he speaks. That can make it difficult to find recipes though, since some of the languages he speaks are from long dead cultures. He enjoys art as well, all forms, although most of his favorites are literary; plays, poetry, novels.

Personal History

Zepht was born in the year 2296 on Denobula Triaxa. His home life was peaceful and typical and always filled with activity and people. He was never want for anything when he was young and attended public schools with little to no trouble. He excelled at academic pursuits and was always an involved student who was just as interested in his own education as his teachers were. His father was married to his mother, which was not unusual. He lived with a large extended family. When his parents started to pressure him to settle down and marry for the first time he requested college instead and passed Starfleet entrance exams with ease. He graduated with honors in Archeology and Ancient Languages.

Right out of the Academy he was assigned to the U.S.S. Ramses, science and research vessel. He served from Ensign to Lieutenant JG and made it to the department head of Archaeology. He enjoyed the assignment and spent fifteen years aboard the Ramses. He worked his way through the ranks slowly, trying to go unnoticed for the most part. When Starfleet attempted to promote him to Lieutenant JG he requested a transfer. He felt that a new assignment would buy him more time without having to be a bridge officer of any kind. In his service aboard the Ramses he had discovered that an officer position was not something he wished to pursue. It took too much time away from his research.

He was reassigned to the U.S.S. Carthage, another science vessel, but not so focused on research as the Ramses had been. He served as a Lieutenant JG up to Lieutenant and became a department head again. This time for Cartography and Archeology. After only two years, when he was once again pressured by Starfleet to rise in rank, become an officer and consider his own command, he requested another transfer.

He was reassigned a second time to the U.S.S. Athens, another science and research vessel. He served as a Lieutenant and was given the department head position for Ancient Alien Research. As much as he enjoyed his time aboard the Athens, leading research and field teams to excavation sites, the assignment was only for four years. When it ended Starfleet once again tried to pressure him into bridge officer and command. Instead of taking a position he took his long overdue retirement and after 21 years of service he went home.

Once home to Denobula Triaxa, Zepht took a research position for the Denobulan Science Academy working with ancient cultures and languages. It was in the twenty years that he spent here that he discovered his love of languages for the first time. He was already multilingual, but for many years he took it upon himself to collect and learn as many languages as he could. He also reconnected with family and friends, quickly falling into several relationships. It was during this time that he met Dynn, Klaban and Nalt. The four of them formed a fast friendship/romance/relationship that dominated most of his time outside of the Academy. They created a rather successful life for themselves, but it wouldn’t last forever. In 2358 Dynn was killed in an accident at one of their research facilities. It was devastating to the household and to Zepht. He seemed to flounder for almost an entire year, with no direction. He lost interest in research and most everything that was interesting before.

When a Vulcan fellow researcher asked Zepht if he would be willing to join a Vulcan archeological team to explore Tagus III. Shortly after his team left Tagus III they closed the site for good. He was also allowed in on a research project of a newly found stash of ancient Vulcan artifacts. He spent time in that five years learning as much as he could about ancient Vulcan languages. As exciting as some of the work was Zepht still found himself restless, with a lot of questions about the point of life when everyone you love will eventually die.

In 2365 he signed onto a freighter as part of their crew. The freighter took odd jobs and hired out to anyone willing to pay their transport fees. During the seven years that he spent with the captain and crew he learned a lot of what he should value in life. He did a lot of physical labor, cleaning decks and duct work. He also learned a lot about spaceships and how to repair them. He was by no means an expert, but small repairs became like second nature.

He stepped away from the freighter after five years of service, feeling more like his old self. Also feeling that if he were to return to Starfleet he felt that he needed to start over again. Twenty years since his last service was a long time considering how fast technology and information changes for Zepht to feel that he had any sort of grasp without returning to school, so he entered and graduated Starfleet Academy for a second time. He once again graduated with honors, this time in linguistics and ancient languages.

When he graduated the second time Starfleet Academy approached him about being a professor of Ancient Vulcan Languages. He gladly accepted and spent his next twelve years teaching to the newest batch of Starfleet cadets. He enjoyed teaching at the Academy and even managed to reconnect with some of his past relationships, but when Starfleet approached him about an assignment aboard the U.S.S. Tornado as their Communications Specialist he jumped at the chance to get back into the field in a completely different capacity than before.
Service Record Born 2296 on Denobula Triaxa

2314 - 2318 (18-22 years old/4 years) Entered - Graduated Starfleet Academy

2318 - 2333 (23-38 years old/15 years) Assigned to the U.S.S. Ramses, science and research vessel, Served from Ensign to Lieutenant JG as their Head Archeologist. When they attempted to promote him to Lieutenant he requested a transfer.

2333 - 2335 (38-40 years old/2 years) Assigned to the U.S.S. Carthage, science vessel, Served Lieutenant JG to Lieutenant as their department head for Cartography and Archeology. Once again when pressured to rise in rank he requested a transfer.

2335 - 2339 (40-44 years old/4 years) Assigned to the U.S.S. Athens, science and research vessel, Served Lieutenant as their department head for Ancient Alien Research.

2339 (44 years old) Took retirement over being forced into his own command.

2339 - 2359 (44 - 64 years old/20 years) Worked for the Denobulan Science Academy as a researcher of ancient cultures and languages.

2359 (64 years old) One of his partners of 20 years was killed in an accident. His name was Dynn.

2359 - 2365 (64 - 69 years old/5 years) Was asked to join a Vulcan archeological team to explore a newly found stash of ancient Vulcan artifacts.

2365 - 2372 (69 - 76 years old/7 years) Signed onto a freighter as part of their crew. Spent the seven years doing scut work and small repairs to the ship.

2372 - 2376 (76 - 80 years old/4 years) Returns and graduates a second time from Starfleet Academy.

2376 - 2388 (80 - 92 years old/12 years) Asked to be a professor at Starfleet Academy

2388 - Present (92 years old) U.S.S. Tornado as Communications Specialist.