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Gendaylii Liaynore

Name Gendaylii "Geni" Liaynore

Position Counselor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Alvariin
Age 72

Physical Appearance

Height 4'7"
Weight 80lb
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Short, purple, antenna, long ears, boobs are big for her size but not too big.


Other Family It is considered taboo to speak of family outside of the family units. Thus, very little is known about Alvariin family structures other than that they'll seemingly randomly have sounds added to their name which somehow relates to their family ties.

(Raised by the 'Mothers' of the Aynore family unit and adopted by the Lifal family unit that specializes in health care during her upper schooling. If she attains a command rank within the family unit or proves herself worthy in other ways, she may take the full name of Lifalaynore.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview As a member of the Alvar Confederacy, she grew up on a colonyship carved from a large asteroid roughly 12km across. She has a service oriented view on life and will aid anyone in their endeavors of self betterment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Being from a generally xenophobic race, she's often startled by the various races in the Federation, but she's learned to take this in stride. (as best as her tiny frame can allow.)
Ambitions To learn all she can about life and other beings in the rest of the universe and make reports to her home world which will likely be used for propaganda for or against their inherent xenophobia. Then to return home and retire on Alvar 3 itself, a privilege of few.
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys her work almost to the exclusion of all else, but she's found a great distraction in the culinary arts and tries to apply her people's own sensibilities to that of the cuisines of the Federation. On top of this, she keeps up with her people's form of martial arts and jogging to stay in shape.

Personal History She grew up in a colony mining ship with a name that roughly translates as 'Little Moon Rock' and at about 12km, it's one of the smaller Alvariin ships out there. After her initial schooling, she found she had an A class aptitude for many service careers including management, command, social services, and resource distribution. Deciding to specialize in counseling, she began her journey into helping others and after graduation, was accepted into the Lifal family unit, granting her the family name of Liaynore.
Service Record At the age of 24, she was accepted into the Lifal family unit and served aboard several colony ships in their name ranging in size from 4km (the smallest of the Alvariin colony ships) all the way up to the system patrol ship 'Alvar Starlight' which is over 470km long. She'd gained quite a reputation as a counselor and was trusted by several government bodies when the officer exchange program with the Federation was proposed. Thus, she was one of the first to be asked to go to Earth to learn and assess the dangers of this alliance. She's spent the past two years as a representative of the Alvar Confederacy but now she's seeking the lower ranks to learn from them as well as she feels she can learn little else from the higher echelons of Federation diplomacy. Though she's put in her mandatory years of service in the Alvar military, she currently holds no rank within that structure.