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Ensign Rocko Pekk

Name Rocko Pekk

Position Medical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Pugadi
Age 11

Physical Appearance

Height 1.5 Meters
Weight 35 Kilograms
Hair Color As a Pudagi, Rocko has no hair.
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rocko, like all Pugadi, physically resembles an anthropomorphic penguin, specifically a rockhopper. He has a short, orange beak, and yellow plumes of feathers rest above his eyes. His arms, hands, head and the entirety of his back side is covered in black feathers, while the front of his body, excluding the parts covered in black feathers, is covered in white feathers. His feet are orange and webbed, resembling those of a penguin.


Father Wallace Pekk
Mother Falin Pekk

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rocko is a somewhat gruff, irritable guy that enjoys relaxing in comfort while off duty, though does truly care about his patients and crewmates.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Rocko, as a Pugadi, excels in swimming and can move through the water with ease. Being a Pugadi also means that Rocko, although he hates the cold, is resistant to it, allowing him to survive colder temperatures than most. Rocko also, although he grumbles a lot, is willing to help when needed, as long as its a medical problem, and truly does care about his patients and crewmates alike.

Rocko, being a Pugadi, does not function well in extremely hot temperatures. In averagely hot temperatures he'll be fine, in fact he likes it, but put him in the scorching rays of a desert and he won't last long. Rocko is also somewhat gruff and irritable, which is off putting to many.
Ambitions Rocko wishes to one day retire in luxury to the beaches of a tropical planet where he can relax all day in the sun.
Hobbies & Interests Rocko can often be found on the holodeck, generating an environment where he can lazily relax in comfort. Rocko also enjoys listening to music.

Personal History Rocko was born on the sub-arctic planet Eudyptula Minor, born to a soldier and the nurse he fell in love with. Rocko, though a Pugadi, despised the cold temperatures, and wished to be able to go and relax somewhere warm. So at his coming of age he decided to apply to Starfleet, hoping there he could finally be free of the cold. Though he failed his first entrance exam, he did end up succeeding the second time around and was accepted into the academy. Rocko decided to pursue the role of a medical officer, thinking that becoming a doctor was going to be the easy road. He found out he was dead wrong. After graduating, Rocko was posted as the medical officer of the USS Tornado.
Service Record 2377 -- Born
2382 - 2387 -- Star Fleet Academy
2388 - Present -- USS Tornado