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Lieutenant JG Carter (Armitan) Martin

Name Carter (Armitan) Martin

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Martian
Age 450

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 175#
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Appears to be a Human male of about 50 years of age, in excellent physical shape. When he chooses, he can extend or retract metallic appearing antennae from the rear of his head.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dojat Thar
Mother Hila Thar
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Dejah Thark
Other Family Nephew Narth and Sister's Husband Noth Thark

Personality & Traits

General Overview "Carter" tends to be a bit of an absent-minded professor. He really likes people deep down, however. He has a weak spot for children. He dislikes the necessity of hiding from Humans, but understands the reasons. He really likes the Federation and what they stand for.
Strengths & Weaknesses "Carter" tends to be a bit grumpy, and has asome trouble understanding complex human emotions, especially when he experiences them.
As a Martian, carter has some mental abilities: He possesses telepathy at very short distances, and can sometimes actually "tune in" to some forms of communications transmissions via his antenna. He can also become "invisible" to scanners for short periods, a defensive mechanism which is extremely taxing.
Unfortunately, he is very susceptable to strong electrical fields, which can cause his abilities to act in unpredictable ways. His antennae MUST extend in order for his abilities to work, and illness or fatigue can cause such extension to be painful.
Ambitions "Carter" actually wants to serve in Starfleet and explore the Federation. His personal mission is to find a potential new uninhabited homeworld for his people, but he will not "use" others to complete the task.
Hobbies & Interests A former Xenoanthropologist, "Carter" enjoys studying Earth humans. His favorite field of Science is robotics. His favorite Earth time period is the late 1950s, and he has a Holosim based on the period. He also pays close attentiom to any advances in temporal mechanics. The last thing that he wants is to see another society suffer like his own.

Personal History Millions of years ago, a futuristic society of scientists and scholars had evolved on Mars. They made great advances, especially in the field of Time Travel. They constructed a massive temporal junction, and using it , they were able to send time ships to travel the time stream and study their own history and that of their nearest neighboring planet, Earth. They even made contact with the advances species on the planet, the Voth.

Unfortunately, both the Martians and the Voth civilizations experoienced a dilemma when an enormous comet was determined to be on a collision course with Earth. Projections indicated that the comet would change the Earth's atmosphere. The Martians tried to find a way to send the Voth forward in time to after the planet had recovered. They constructed a temporal gate for the Vothians to pass through. But they ran out of time.

With one day remaining, the time portal was opened, and the Voth started to pass through. Unfortunately, no one had detected that the comet was emitting an unknown radiation. The radiation interacted with the temporal stream between Mars and the Earth. On earth it caused a wormhole to open to a distant planet in the Delta Quadrant, where the Voth would suddenly find themselves stranded. However, on Mars, the Central Time Chamber fed back upon itself and a massive Temporal singularity formed, which enveloped the entire planet. In an instant, the planet was thrown backwards in time a millenia, to before sentient life had evolved on the planet. Then the Comet passed by, and impacted with the earth, causing massive devastation, and the shockwave caused Mars' orbit to shift.

In the aftermath, the only Martian survivors were those who had been in Time ships across the time stream. They found themselves facing a problem: While they could still contact the other ships, they were unable to contact Mars, and worse, since their ships used their connection with the Central Time Chamber as their focal point when navigating through time, they were all adrift, and unable to chart a course back to their starting point. With the loss of Mars, they were not even sure that they should.

Shortly, they came to a consensus that they would all try to emerge from the timestream where they were, and would try to return home in their respective points in time. They all quickly realized that there was a problem: Mars existed, but their was no trace of their people. Worse, the singularity had created a paradox that prevented ships in the past from coming out of the time stream and landing on Mars in their past. Those that came out in the future of the event found that Mars was no longer a very hospitable place, as the atmospheric conditions had become hostile and cold. It was decided that they would try to reach earth and land. They would do what they could to blend in (They looked like humans, except for their retractable antennae), and they would hope to meet over time. Their long lifespans would help. The time ships were to be dismantled. Temporal travel was deemed to dangerous to be continued.

"Carter" found himself landing on earth in the 1950s. He hid his ship's wreckage and found work as a teacher. He moved around from identity to identity and eventually found others, and they formed a network. In time, the Earth colonized Mars, and a number of the survivors became colonists. After all Mars was their home. They agreed to a policy of noninterference, much like the Prime Directive. They stayed out of wars and politics and tried to live on the sidelines.

After the Dominion War, the survivors decided that it was time for them to leave Earth and the Federation and to find a new homeworld, where they could live in peace. Several members were selected to join Starfleet or other civilian ships to start exploring the galaxy, and to report back. "Carter" jumped at the idea. He had wanted to explore the Federation and surrounding galaxy for decades. He had admired watching the humans advance into space and regretted not being able to be a part of it. But over the years, he had tried to help a little here and there, with a few words of wisdom and so forth to help encourage mankind's progress.

"Carter" and a few others used their abilities to pass themselves off as humans to Starfleet and entered the Academy. He secretly enjoyed the surprise of classmates who never expected the "Old Guy" to get into the Academy, much less graduate. Now he is looking forward to exploring the stars with Starfleet, while searching for a new home world for his people.
Service Record Graduated Starfleet Academy
Assigned Daystrom Institute of Technology for Robotics - Requested reassignment to Fleet assignment.