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Lieutenant Kalin 'Shae' Brennan

Name Kalin 'Shae' Brennan PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El Aurian/Chameloid
Age 44 (approx.)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 100 lbs.
Hair Color cream/white
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Shae is petite and willowy with a pale complexion and waist length hair. Her eyes impossibly blue and have slit pupils. Since El Aurians age slowly, she appears to be about 20 years old. She was raised among the Irish and as such has a distinct accent.

It has recently been revealed that her 'human' appearance is not natural and that she actually has white hair with vulpine ears, tail and paws. Her face and overall build are relatively the same.


Children Aoife Brennan (pronounced EE-fa)
Father Liam Bennan, Freighter pilot (human, adopted parent)
Mother Anna Brennan, florist (human, adopted parent)
Brother(s) Captain Caden Brennan, Commanding Officer, USS Saburou (human, adopted sibling)
Commander Dylan Brennan, Design Specialist, Mars Fleetyard (human, adopted sibling)
Lieutenant Sean Brennan, Computer Specialist, Deep Space 10 (human, adopted sibling)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shae is most often quiet and reserved, willing to watch events unfold and then react. She’s a damaged individual; years of mistreatment and being held back has taken its toll on her confidence, so she's often afraid to speak to others. Though she prefers to be a constant observer, when she does interact with others she is warm and soft-spoken, truly a gentle soul who only wishes to see the best in people. She is fiercely loyal to those she calls friend, something she has not had in quite some time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Shae can often become so engrossed in her work that she loses track of herself and the world around her. And while she lacks confidence in herself as a person, but has full confidence in her skills as a scientist; it's an odd contradiction of self, one that she struggles with daily to find a balance.
Hobbies & Interests Stargazing, people-watching, soft music like strings or woodwinds. She can play the flute and the cláirseach, an Irish harp, though in her free time she can often be found running through her archery hunting program in the holodeck

Personal History Shae doesn’t remember much about her life before she was adopted. She was found on an unnamed planetoid in Klingon space by a supply ship that detected a distress signal. The Klingons were informed of the crashed ship and details of the casualties for their investigation, then the captain of the supply ship received permission to take the child they had found and continued on their route. Shae was near starved to death but the ship medic was able to nurse her back to health. She was terrified of being alone now that she was surrounded by so many people, so each crewman took turns keeping her company while on their route until they could return to a settlement that could take her. Along the way, she captured the heart of the ship’s pilot, Liam Brennan, who eventually took her home to his wife on Earth where they adopted her. Her name, originally just Shae, was changed to Kalin Shae Brennan, although she continues to go by Shae.

On Earth, Shae lived a happy life. It didn't matter that she was a strange alien of unknown origin, the people of Wicklow Ireland accepted her as soon as the Brennan's announced the adoption. To them, family was family, and the signatures were barely signed and already Shae was 'one of them'. Growing up, she had a few bumps in the road, but none of them directly pertaining to her unknown origins; Shae was aging slowly and had trouble identifying with her peers in school as they continued to outage her, but they made a strong effort to ensure that she remained included. Several of her closest friends joined the archery club with her in high school so they would always have something in common.

Following the example of her three older brothers, she worked hard to make it into Starfleet Academy where she earned honors in Astrophysics and became a Cartographer, voluntarily taking an extra year to expand her studies to include Flight Control. Her first assignment was not as an officer, but as a student; Shae showed so much promise in the field of Stellar Cartography that she was stationed at the Daystrom Institute where she could continue her studies in Astrophysics, but it was also something to give her a little time for her body to catch up with her brain; she was still physically immature despite the mental maturity.

As the War with the Dominion drew close, tensions were rising and Shae suddenly disappeared from her dorm room just before the outbreak of the War. An investigation was launched, but eventually she was declared AWOL, much to the displeasure of her family who considered her missing, not a traitor. About a year after the conclusion of the War, Shae returned to Earth but would not speak a word to her family of what happened or where she was in that missing time. She was investigated and a hearing was held to determine if she was a deserter or a victim as she claimed. Shae was eventually cleared of any charges against her and allowed to return to duty, but the details of the investigation and trial were classified, going so far as to removed evidence of her disappearance and the subsequent investigations from her personnel file, leaving a glaring blank in her service history.

Though she was allowed to return to her duties, it became clear that Starfleet did not trust her enough to return her to her field in Astrophysics; instead they had her assigned as a pilot to the USS Octavian, a transport going to and from the Lunar Colonies as well as transporting Cadets and military trainees to the training grounds. After a number of years, she was transferred back to the Academy at San Francisco as a teacher's aid where she had the freedom and resources to finish writing her dissertation for her PhD in Astrophysics. Upon defending her paper and the awarding of her doctorate, she was finally promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant (jg) and assigned to the USS Galileo where her service was rather unremarkable, choosing to keep her head down so as not to do anything to bring attention to herself.
Service Record [2349]
Discovered in
Klingon Territory

Starfleet Academy
Astrometrics/Stellar Cartography

Daystrom Institute
Astrophysics Ph.D program


[2376 - 2384]
USS Octavian
Flight Control

[2384 - 2386]
Starfleet Academy
Instructor's aide
Ensign to Lieutenant (jg)

[2386 - 2388]
USS Galileo

[2388 - PRESENT]
USS Tornado