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Ensign Cailus Griffin

Name Cailus Griffin

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36 (124)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 70kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Broad-shouldered and physically fit, but otherwise unimpressive. Cailus has dark hair with an accompanying beard, and always makes an effort to look like a proper officer.

Cailus is an amputee, having lost his right hand from the wrist down in the line of duty, and now has a biomechanical prosthetic. This prosthetic offers twice the grip strength of a normal human hand with comparable dexterity. It looks organic, but this organic exterior merely coats a metal frame and as such is both cold to the touch and heavy. While Cailus can control his hand naturally, the limitations of late 23rd century technology means that the skin is purely cosmetic; he can not feel pain or any other sensation from it.


Spouse Harriet Suzuki (deceased)
Children Victoire Griffin (deceased)
Father Alistair Griffin (deceased)
Mother Megan Griffin (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cailus is an unusual security officer in a modern Starfleet. While quite capable of forming friendships, he has tended to focus on his work with remarkable energy.
Strengths & Weaknesses When in a crisis situation, Cailus has been compared favourably to Vulcans. The worse things get, the more calm he becomes. This tendency towards absolute professionalism has earned Cailus some laurels during his service, but it has also been noted that this does not lend well to his qualities as a leader. Furthermore, this professionalism has made it difficult for civilians to easily trust him. Only his friends and family begin to understand that this does not necessarily indicate a lack of compassion.

Due to extensive combat experience, Cailus has developed a hesitancy to engage in combat. While not a coward, and indeed being a highly skilled fighter, he has been known to exhaust all possible alternatives to battle, even beyond common sense.
Ambitions Unlike many officers, Cailus has no intention of ever commanding a starship. His first and only desire, from his very first days in the Academy, has been to be on the final frontier, using his own skills to protect his shipmates and extend the knowledge of the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Cailus has a distinct fascination with Japanese martial arts, as well as the Japanese literary movement of the early 23rd century known broadly as "sci-anime". He was also a collector of seafaring ship models before the incident.

Personal History Cailus' birthdate of 2264 is not a mistake. For his time, Cailus was a typical officer; capable and experienced, with more battle experience than most, but not on the command track. A few more years of service likely would have seen him assigned as Chief of Security on a front-line starbase.

Instead, fate intervened. In 2300, while exploring a relatively unknown part of space in the Beta Quadrant, Cailus' ship, the USS Churchill, was attacked. Off-duty at the time, Cailus was halfway to the bridge when the order was given to abandon ship. He and two other crewmen made it to an escape pod, which was ultimately the only pod to escape. The three survivors could see no trace of any attackers from the pod, but did see the Churchill's destruction before any other pods could launch.

With no warp drive and stuck in interstellar space, the three survivors were forced to utilise cryostasis technology to survive. It was in this form that they survived for eighty seven years before being discovered by a Romulan science ship. After a few weeks, the four crewmen were returned to the Federation.

Upon his return and after four months of counseling and self-reflection, Starfleet offered Cailus a choice: return to the Academy for a year to catch up and return at his old rank, or accept a demotion and immediate assignment to an active-duty station. Having been forced to accept the loss of his family and his displacement in time, Cailus requested the latter.
Service Record 2281: Enlists in the Peace Officer Academy in Paris.
2282: Begins active service as a Peace Officer in Paris.
2284: Superb test scores and ongoing service earns Cailus an assignment as a guard at the Palais de Concorde, protecting the government of the Federation.
2286: Marries Harriet Suzuki, political attache to the Martian Councillor. Enlists in Starfleet Academy.
2290: Graduates as a security officer. Assigned to USS Churchill.
2291: Loses right hand in line of duty, awarded Purple Heart.
2293: Cailus' daughter, Victoire Griffin, is born. Promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.) and re-assigned to USS Independence.
2295: Promoted to Lieutenant and re-assigned to USS Churchill as Chief of Security.
2297: Fights in the Menelax War against rogue Tholian forces.
2300: USS Churchill disappears in deep space.
2303: Starfleet officially declares USS Churchill and all her crew Missing In Action.
2306: Starfleet officially declares USS Churchill and all her crew lost in space with no expectation of recovery.
2387: Lieutenant Cailus Griffin, Ensign Svarek and Ensign T'Zen are discovered in an escape pod by Romulan science ship Aidoann and returned to the Federation. All other USS Churchill crew confirmed dead.
2388: Re-certified for active service with a voluntary demotion to the rank of ensign. Assigned to USS Tornado.