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Lieutenant Catherine Rhodes

Name Catherine Rhodes

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 59

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 131Lbs
Hair Color Blonde with natural streaks of gray
Eye Color Sea Blue
Physical Description Catherine is a woman with poise. He shoulders are squared and her back straight.

Many underestimate her due to her petite stature, but she is an agile woman (even at her age).

Her face is soft. Her piercing blue eyes pop against her white skin.


Children One Unnamed Child, Given Up For Adoption In Infancy.
Father William Rhodes (Deceased)
Mother Doctor Victoria Rhodes MD(Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview The years have hardened Catherine. Once a vivacious, ball of energy, she is now a reserved, sometimes cold woman.

She has a way of speaking which can set someone so at ease, that they would speak about their deepest hidden secrets.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Organized Thinking

-Absorbed in her Work
Ambitions Catherine hopes to one day lead Starfleet Intelligence in some capacity. She believes that her unwavering service to the agency makes her an ideal candidate.
Hobbies & Interests Catherine enjoys the fine arts of the Quadrant, partaking in Klingon Opera Performance, Vulcan Orchaestral shows, and Betazoid dance forms.

She is an avid collector of art, and boasts a collection from all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Personal History Born in New York City on Earth, to parents Victoria and William. Catherine was doted on by both of her parents throughout her childhood. Her early life was spent in New York City, as both of her parents worked there.

William passed away when Catherine was six years old, from a rather advance case of Zanthi Fever, a Betazoid disease he contracted while working. Despite the roots the family had set down in New York City, and the support from family in the wake of William's death, Victoria decided to leave the City and relocate to her hometown Montecito, California and raise Catherine on her own.

Throughout her young life, Catherine always asked her mother what her father did for work, and Victoria would deflect the question. It wasn't until Catherine apllied to Starfleet Academy that she learned that her father worked as a Civilian agent for Starfleet Intelligence. This information greatly influenced Catherine's choice to pursue Intelligence while at the Academy.

After enjoying her four years in school, Catherine graduated the Academy with an 82% average. A proud day for both mother and daughter.

Her first assignment saw her as an Intelligence Assistant with the Federation Council. Catherine found this particular posting dull, but it allowed her to keep an eye on her mother. She spent nearly three years in this posting before accepting transfer to the USS Versailles, as a generalized Intelligence Officer.

Catherine's time with Versailles was a whirlwind journey, taking her to corners of the Federation she had only dreamed of. The Commanding Officer, Captain Julia Simpkins, commended Catherine on two separate occasions for quick thinking in strenuous situations.

Just as Versailles was gearing up to embark on a mission to the Tzenkethi Border, Catherine was alerted to the passing of her mother. She immediately departed for Earth. Her mother was stricken with a unique mutation of a Vulcan blood disease. Catherine was told her death was painless, but rather gruesome.

Deciding not to dwell on the negative aspects of life's natural course, Catherine put in a request for assignment only two weeks after her mother's funeral.

She was eventually assigned to Olympus Station, where she would serve as Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer for a few years. While aboard, Catherine pursued several specialized courses through the Academy remotely. She recieved her Encryption specialty, and her Languages of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants course.

After almost six and a half years on Olympus, Catherine longed to return to a starship, and after a short while her wish was granted. Captain Simpkins asked that Catherine accompany her aboard her new command, the USS Dauntless.

It was aboard Dauntless, that Catherine found herself in the position of Chief Intelligence Officer for the first time. As per the Captain's experience the Dauntless was ordered back to the Tzenkethi Border to facilitate diplomatic talks. Dauntless was caught in their trap upon arriving, and destroyed, Only 32 crew members survived the ordeal, including Catherine.

After a full debrief, Catherine was transfered to Starfleet Intelligence, where she would stay for ten years in various positions.

Towards the edn of her tenure with Intelligence, Catherine was appraoched to fill a temporary slot at Starfleet Academy.She accepted with graciousness.

While at the Academy, Catherine taught a class on Intergalactic Relations. She truly enjoyed working with the cadets, feeling like she was helping them on their path towards their careers with Starfleet. It was truly rewarding. But like all good things, her time at the Academy was over after a semester.

Catherine put her name forward to return to active Starship duty.
Service Record Federation Council, Intelligence Assistant

USS Versailles, Intelligenge Officer

Olympus Station, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

USS Dauntless, Chief Intellingence Officer

Starfleet Intelligence, Various Positions

Starfleet Academy, Intergalactic Relations