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Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas

Name Caradan Kiritseleshina Eunidas

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Neuter
Species Changeling
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 120
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Caradan is a Changeling and has chosen the appearance of a female. She looks human enough but is of course pasty without all the detail of natural human skin. Though she can perhaps perfectly mimic human look, she chooses something less perfect so no one forgets she is a Changeling.


Spouse None
Children None
Father None
Mother None
Brother(s) Other Changelings
Sister(s) Other Changelings
Other Family Other Changelings

Personality & Traits

General Overview Caradan is loyal and dedicated but impersonal and not at all personable. She does not fair well in making friends. Being only a few years outside of the Great Link, she hardly understands the 'Solids' and understands even less about being female, the form she has chosen.
Strengths & Weaknesses Being a Changeling, she can of course assume about any shape within reason, but nothing too complex. Ultimately, she can mimic about anybody or any regular object people see as normal and would simply ignore. Not understanding people all that well, she will feel alienated but will also alienate herself though is on a self-assigned mission to sow the seeds of trust with Changelings. She is strong-willed but will also fail, from time to time, in keeping her wits about her as her natural instinct to be a part of the Great Link will arise.
Ambitions She only wants to prove herself as loyal and dedicated, trustworthy and full of potential. Caradan also wishes to find herself and her place in the universe. Wherever that may be, she likes to surround herself with people as the conversation and interaction between them all reminds her of what it is like in the Great Link.
Hobbies & Interests She takes an interest in art, be it music, painting and/or writing, though she has not found anything that defines her.

Personal History She was born into the Great Link and lived most of her life there. She experienced second-hand the unfolding of the Dominion War and later felt ashamed as she concluded her kind's damaging stance and their involvement. In the Great Link, nothing is hidden, not even thoughts. So, as the rest of her race all shouted at her, she fled, left the Great Link, and attempted to find a new place for her out amongst the stars. She nearly was overcome by silence and felt, and still feels, strongly about rejoining the Great Link one day. In her search for a place to fit in and hopefully call home, the only entity to open itself for her benefit and to accept her application for entry was Starfleet, the very organization the Dominion fought against.

Included in her acceptance was her being categorized as both Exchange and Refugee. 'Exchange' because her kind was not part of the UFP and only through the exchange program could a non-UFP member hope to join the Academy. 'Refugee' because Caradan had no other home, with her own kind being uninviting and failing to respond to all inquiries by Starfleet. With no other Changeling showing to speak up, either for or against her, Starfleet amended her application status showing her as a refugee, both homeless and destitute.

This acceptance to Starfleet did not come without compromise however. Caradan had already decided to commit herself to and endure whatever puppetry was to come her way. So many people died and families were destroyed in the war. Changeling casualties from the war could be counted on one hand. Caradan knew that much resentment was to be faced and a surrendering of herself to the desires of her superiors was to be in order. Along with her studies in engineering, Caradan found herself as the focal point of many exercises where she was asked to take on many forms, see how long security teams could locate her, see how long a phaser on stun would take to make her show herself.

On top of Caradan's self-drawn contract limiting herself to one of two forms and to obey orders without question, Starfleet created an entirely new set of regulations just for her. Most of those regulations were limiting and among those regulations was an order to check in with cadre regularly. Though no frequency was given, Caradan decided a daily report was in order. Cadre quickly grew tired and changed it to a weekly report.

Caradan managed to tread through the Academy and graduate without any form of praise but from only a select few of her instructors. No friends, no family, and no peers congratulated her. A set of orders later and she was set on her way toward her first posting aboard the USS Tornado.

This posting likewise was not without compromise, and Caradan fully understood the concern. She was to send regular reports back to Starfleet regarding her work, settling in with the crew, activities, any questions and concerns. Starfleet even created a new form, filled with questions, for her to fill out and submit with each report. This regular reporting in was to be at the discretion of the Tornado's captain and all reports were going to be supplemented by reports from the captain. It seemed thousands of light-years were not going to keep eyes from being close by.
Service Record The first Changeling to be accepted to Starfleet Academy.
Application Status Amended: Exchange Program for Non-UFP Members
Application Status Amended: Refugee for Homeless, Destitute and/or Political Escapees

Automatic Disqualification/Exemption: ENVE (Engineering No Victory Exercise)

The first Changeling to graduate from Starfleet.

Currently Assignement: Chief of Engineering USS Tornado