Lieutenant Miranda Smith

Name Miranda Smith Dr

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian/Ex-Borg
Age 400

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 175
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Miranda stands about 5'11. When in the field, she prefers the practical design of the Marines field uniform and has created her own uniform design that is practical and comfortable at the same time. Her hair is usually cut shoulder length and tied into a pony tail when on duty. She is not that strong either but she is very much intelligent more so then most of the people she manages to hang around with. She now has Borg implants to keep maintained though most of her implants are hidden, she is still very much uncomfortable even now around other people but at the same time wishes to be near them as she is not completely over not having a collective of thoughts in her head, took her several years to recover and accept she is alone now but she still is recuperating and it takes time.

She also possesses a wrist computer that is attached to her fore arm and a glove that is wrapped around her hand that has several scanning devices on it. She built it so she could catalog and gather data without using a tri-corder, also serves as a medical scanner as she used to be a doctor and it has helped her over the years to cure and diagnose many problems that has occurred in her career.


Spouse Nick Johnson (Dead)
Children None
Father John Smith
Mother Aurora Smith
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family All dead

Personality & Traits

General Overview Miranda is quiet and shy when you first meet her, timid as some would describe her. She rarely talks unless talked too and when someone above her does talk to her she rarely talks back, she doesn't socialize much and so she is rarely found outside of the Science labs unless someone needs her. She never hangs out with people, she usually prefers to hang around in the Science labs figuring out either a new design for something or creating something that she wishes to invent. She considers herself quite the Salvage expert, capable of getting different components together to make something entirely new. She is also considered to be a book worm, always people find her reading some book or learning a new language or reading a text manual. She is very much into Archeology as well as that is part of the Science field she is into. She considers herself a general scientist when it comes to many things but she really loves robotics and weapon design's. Over her many years of blending into human society she has picked up many interest's that depended on her moods and she has gone to many schools on earth to learn a lot of different things. Her age along with her eagerness to learn, has made her quite adept at many aspects of the Science field, but her interest's linger from one thing to another depending on what she feels like.
Strengths & Weaknesses Miranda isn't the strongest person or the most athletic. She spends her time reading and that is her greatest strength. She uses her mind to solve most known problems that come her way. She isn't very defense oriented, she hates to kill living objects even if they are her enemies, but capable of using weapons of many kinds from energy based weapons to melee weapons. But despite her training to use such things, she refuses to use them finding they are only designed for one thing and that is for killing which she isn't into. For some time she was a doctor using her knowledge to help people until one day she decided to do something new on a whim so she decided to go into Archeology, when she tired of this, she took classes in other subjects so she could be as well versed as possible.. But despite her urge to not kill anyone this doesnt mean she wont maim or fix something she broke while trying to defend herself. She has grown quite adept at using hand phasers as her soul means of defense.

Her weaknesses are socializing mostly, she gets odd looks from time to time when she makes a mistake in the socializing area. She never likes being around a lot of people usually sticking to her books and she is very much shy when it comes to talking to men and women of any race, but she is learning to socialize regardless of her misgivings. So she spends her time in the holodeck training in some way or reading the many books she has access too.
Hobbies & Interests Reading some foreign language or reading some lost alien text manual, archeology, robotics, weapon designs and modification's. Working on Martial arts as well as knowing how to cook a wide variety of foods and very knowledgeable on herbing and is capable of surviving off the land from many worlds and many different types of terrain.

Minored in: Agriculture and Languages

Majored in Medical Science, Robotics, Archeology, Biology, Engineering Science, Astrophysics, Oceanology, Computer Science, Applied Science, Weapon Modifications, Nano-Biology, Nano-Engineering and applied sciences. Psychology.

She also took a few courses outside of science a few times as she felt science was getting a tad boring so she decided to go into tactical training to see where that took her.

Personal History When she was a baby, she and her family left El-Auria many, many, years before the attack by the Borg. Miranda who she is known by today and her family decided to leave El-Auria and go to Earth they arrived on earth, Miranda was considered a toddler by the human's but no one in there small town in Nebraska knew who or what this new family was. All the town knew was that the family was new to town and so they bought a house to settle down in. Miranda's parents along with herself took on human names to better blend into the population and to make there stay a lot less intrusive. They refused to use the advanced technology there ship had to make there lives easier, so they did everything by hand just like everyone else. Miranda's father was an inventor of some renown as well as worked as a local farmer raising vegetables mostly, wheat, grains, in great quantities. Miranda's mother took a job as a local scientist in the nearby university.

Miranda took the name more because she liked it. Miranda grew up into her adolescent years and she was considered a nerd and bullies did not let her forget it, during her elementary years. Even in High School was considered a nerd or a geek as she spent most of her time reading books or some other text. She did the 'go to work with your parents day' every time they had it. She picked going to learn the art of science with her mother since she spent enough time in the fields with her father.

Over the years and as each was altered to get older, Miranda learned more about Science and the different fields than most children ever knew. She was taught by her mother at home, then went to school, then went to help her mother at work, even hanging out with her father in the fields as that was part of her biology lessons for the day.

They continued like this for many years always taking on different names and persona's, watching as time and history was made on this small blue orb known as 'Earth'. They watched as they launched into space, then the Federation was born. They heard of their home planet being attacked by the Borg and there were survivors, who were soon met up by the USS Enterprise-B, glad that some of their people survived the genocide of their entire species. Once this occurred, the Smith's came out with being part of the El-Aurians species. Some of the people they knew was mad but it didn't last long, while others were surprised and shocked, but no one really was mad for long. Once it came out, everyone went about there daily lives, the Smith's were accepted into the small town community in Nebraska as if nothing really ever happened.

After a few months, Miranda was offered a teaching position instead of being a student due to her knowledge of the scientific fields. Miranda gladly accepted. She was hired on the day after she accepted the prestigious position of being a professor, the youngest looking professor by human standards to teach at Starfleet Academy. Once that was done, she spent the next 20-30 years teaching the various students rather being the student herself. Then she decided that teaching wasn't for her anymore and decided to do what she very much missed doing, some serious archeological work. So she signed up to head to Midway Station for a few months to study the newly discovered Iconian technology that the once great race left behind. She was there for a few years before deciding she wanted to be more involved and help more people, so she decided to transfer to a ship to serve some time and to put some of the knowledge she has to better and hopefully more practical use then just studying artifacts on a station which she can do anywhere really. So she left to transfer to the Pharaoh in the hopes of using her degree's for something more.

When her time with the Pharaoh was done, she was on her way to her next posting when her shuttle came under attack by the Borg. The Borg quickly overcame the shuttle's defenses and the two people on the shuttle was assimilated into the collective. Her mind wasn't her own anymore and this disturbed her greatly but she couldn't think for herself. She lost all track of time as she moved about the Borg ship as a drone as close to a science officer as they could get. She was responsible for taking the technology from other species and added it to the Borg hive mind which in turn added to her knowledge. Miranda was given a new designation 2 of 5. She felt nothing as she moved around like a bee in the hornets nest, she did everything on the ship as needed and directed, from being a tactical drone to assimilating thousands of species.

Some how she had a guardian angel somewhere for she was freed from the collective when the ship she was on crash landed, damaged and imperfect as the Borg would say. She was the sole survivor from a ship of 425 Borg drones. She wandered the planet as people ran from her, scared of her. She was trying to communicate 'Help me' but she forgot how to speak and it became harder and harder for her to move her mouth to speak. When finally after several days she fell to the ground unconscious, when she awoke, she was at a Starfleet Medical Facility. She tried to talk but the doctor's and nurses didn't allow it as she under went extensive surgery and other medical care to get her back to her health. They were able to remove most of the Borg implants but part of the cybernetics that she had wasn't removed because if they were, she would have died. Most of the Borg implants that she had helped her carry out her duties while also kept her alive if she had to visit a hostile world. After a few more days the pigmentations returned to her skin and her hair returned quite quickly, her eye was a different story. Due to the extensive damage done, the Borg added cybernetic eye's in both of her sockets which allowed her to see farther, scan most spectrum's of light among other things.

Miranda designed her personal computer to be able to regulate and keep her body in check and to warn her if the Borg implants were messing up. But for the most part she was all there. But she wasn't the most social able person like she was before, always kept her mind on the task instead of talking nonsense with other people.

She wanted to make sure what happened to her didnt happen to others so she taught herself the medical trade.
Service Record Academy (Science)
Taught at the Academy as a Civilian for many years.
Then decided to join and went through Officer training after her years at the Academy.
Outpost Midway
USS Pharaoh
USS Solace