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Lieutenant JG Ariennye t'Jhihansu

Name Ariennye t'Jhihansu

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan/Vulcan
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'-2"
Weight 123 #
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown/Black
Physical Description The slender, petite woman is shorter then the average person, she would consider herself vertically challenged yet there seems to be a softer elegant side to her as if she could walk through the air.


Spouse ?
Children no
Father Vhir - Birth father unknown
Mother Rhiana - Birth mother deceased
Brother(s) adoptive -2
Sister(s) Adoptive -1
Other Family Adoptive family

Personality & Traits

General Overview When off duty Ariennye is often found wearing the traditional colors preferred by her people; darker colors, in the most casual of clothing. But one would not find Arie, as she is often called 'off duty'. Its not that she doesn't relax. she does but she prefers duties to that free time and even when she does relax, she is busy doing something, anything. Studying a new language, reviewing one already known. Taking care of the the few plants she has in her care.
Strengths & Weaknesses determined
picks up languages easily
computer - programming (from her military background)
holds her breath for long periods of time, also can sit still for long periods as well.
hand to hand fighting

Ambitions Arie has always wanted what most women want a husband, a family, but never saw how that could work within the life style of a Romulan Intelligence Officer or as Star Fleet Exchange Officer. So she put it on the back burner. Way... back... and her life became the duty of an officer and it is shown in her diligent work for that is what she tends to do, even when off duty. Work.
Hobbies & Interests Likes to cook different cuisines and likes to experience them.

Languages: Rihannsu, Klingon, Vulcan, Terran, Bajoran (studying now)

bonsai's, plants & spiders

Personal History Ariennye t'Jhihansu

Ariennye name means hell, it is a curse used among her people. Her mother cursed her for ruining her career and her life. Her mother died during labor... with her last breath she named her daughter, Ariennye. (Arie as she had been called early on may never know the reason for her name or how she became, did her mother love her father. It is unknown or classified.)

She was adopted into a noble household when she was but 7 years old, being a orphan for the early part of her life she was thankful for the opportunity she was given but she had learned to be a bit sneaky, and a thief to survive. and is raised as the one of the daughters there. Arie however did not embrace that fact that life 'could' be easy, she had learned to work for things and she continued that way. She may have grown up in a noble house, with it she used her intelligence to head down a path of science but like many others, she was forced into the military and did so willingly, unlike her other siblings. She excelled at intelligence. She is now of the age to decide her own fate and chose to be an exchange officer.

She had served the Federation for a short while when she asked for permission to join the Academy, taking classes as she works (Starbase 5), her goal to serve in either science or intelligence and put that knowledge to good use as her commanding officer sees fit.

Once she passed classes, she served a bit longer on the Starbase and then was transferred to the USS Comet where she served in a dual role providing scientific services to the intelligent department while maintaining her standard duties, it helped make the decision to promote her and she became the assistant chief science officer. An opening appeared in a specialized field and her commanding officer felt that she would be a good fit so she put her name in to be transferred to the Tornado.

Service Record Early Education - most on the streets
Caught up quickly - had a ear for languages
Science Academy on Romulus
Served in the Romulan Military (Intelligence Branch)
Exchange Officer to the federation
Studying Federation academy course of study
Starbase 5
USS Comet
Transferred to USS Tornado