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Squiddies Ahoy!

Posted on Sat Jun 4th, 2016 @ 12:25am by Lieutenant Laurel Oakley MD

It is not everyday that such wonderful news strikes twice in one place, but this month it certainly has. Bringing in some bright sunshine to shine upon us as we make a slight command transition in the Executive Officer / Assistant Game Manager seat, I am proud to announce that two of our own here: Patrick (CO) and Azmaria (Our new Counselor) are both in the running for a wonderful award.

A few days ago, Ongoing Worlds released the list of nominees for their annual Squiddie Awards. These awards transcend sims and go far beyond the reaches of a fleet or even the Star Trek genre. They cover sims of various genres and past nominees and award winners have been from various fleets or independent.

There are three areas where awards can be won. These include the person, a sim, or an organization/fleet. Patrick and Azmaria have received nominations in the first of these categories. Though the award winners have not yet been announced, it is still a great honor to be nominated for these awards. So, please join me in congratulating two amazing writers and wish them luck on bringing home the grand prize of a win!


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