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End of the mission speech

Posted on Fri May 6th, 2016 @ 9:11pm by Ryoko Takato

Good day all,

We have reach the end of our mission and it is time to make a speech out of it. Truth to be told, I can't be as proud as I can be right now, we have performed so well I am still trying to recover from it. The Tornado has a strong crew, with new and old members fighting the Klingon Empire rogue elements. Yet the next mission has some changes.

Like my own character Takato is going to be transfer from the Klingon starbase towards the Tornado under the care of our doctor. She remains in coma this mission as her body took a heavy hit. Yet Vorran will be our leading figure for The Gorn Connection! The CoC will not change, I am still the boss of the Tornado. But this mission I will play as Grace Grayfield the Science Officer!

Now onto the next point of the speech, the promotions!
- Lieutenant Vorran will be promoted towards Lieutenant Commander
- Ensign Liam Harrison is promoted towards Lieutenant JG
- Ensign Erickson is promoted towards Lieutenant JG
- Sergeant Meera Deloria is promoted towards First Lieutenant

Awards? What about the awards? Yes of course there are awards!
- Meera Deloria : Purple Heart, Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
- Liam Harrison : Purple Heart. Writing Proficiency Ribbon
- Lieutenant JG Valok Larel : Lifesaving Medal
- Scott Erickson: Grankite Order of Tactics
- Tyler Vorran : Purple Heart, Letter of Commendation, Recruitment Award and Medal of Collaboration
- Ryoko Takato: Distinguished Service Medal, Purple Heart
- Completion Mission: All

Some special awards, for some special people ;) These are handpick by myself!
Newcomer Award
- Caradan Eunidas: While brought in with a daring idea that was kinda a challenge in IC. Caradan has made her place into the crew of the Tornado. I expect to see great things from your character ;)
- Valok Larel: Well you saved the Captains life, plus interacted as much as you can. Even with strings attached towards real life that obligated you away from us from time to time. But I sincerely hope you stick around with us!
- Laurel Oakley MD: The flaming burst of energy that came into our ship. Untold of what needs to be done, you took the liberty to perform beyond that. Well done and keep it up!
NPC Award
- Tyler Vorran: For playing the NPC character Kreg on more than one occasion.
- Ryoko Takato: While I hate to award myself, this is one for the books. I played Targ, Darg and Future Takato. This award will be one timer for me ;)
Captain's Choice
- Tyler Vorran: He has been a rock solid support of the Tornado and he has deserved this award more than he actually is going to admit. I really would think that the Tornado would not be here in this shape or form if he was not my right hand. He did the CO academy and passed, he is out there recruiting us and representing us as the writing group we are. Thank you!
Character / Plot Development Award
-Tyler Vorran: For your countless of enjoyable struggles, emotions and development of your character.
-Liam Harrison: For the romance, friendly and yet devious development of your character.
-Caradan Eunidas: For your struggle to adapt, admit, accept for who your character is and what she stands for.
-Laurel Oakley MD: For going around the ship, trying to know everyone, read their emotions and understanding their burden is now also yours to carry.
-Meera Deloria: For trying your best to accept where you stand and with whom you are trying to work with. Facing forward into the future and letting past be past.
Romance Ribbon
- Vorran & Harrison: Well this is not really a surprise and it was coming for ages. But even if you two drive me nuts, you have found a solid ground to work with each other to create your little paradise of love.
Treknology Award
- Caradan Eunidas: Well it is almost stating the obvious, you know your treknology for sure.
- Liam Harrison: Even thought you dance from Operations to Engineering, you know your ways around.
Combat Medal
- Scott Erickson: You have shown a way of being resourceful to get to your task done.
- Meera Deloria: In the tournament you shown what it means to be a warrior. What it means to be a Federation Enlist. I am just glad to be on your good side!

Well those are the awards that are given out. Congratulations towards those that received them and the promotions. Now some might have less awards than the others, don't be angry or demotivated about it. New mission is new chances to receive those awards!

Enjoy the Tornado as much as I do every time I read a mission post, a personal post of some character development. This is for me the pure form of enjoyment for me and hopefully for you all.


Captain Takato
Commanding Officer
USS Tornado-C


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