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Awards Ceremony of Locking Horns!

Posted on Wed Dec 14th, 2016 @ 5:45pm by Ryoko Takato

Good day folks!

While the Locking Horns came to an abrupt ending due changes that were not really to be prevented. I have to say I am pretty proud of everyone that did their fair share to make a good ending of it. After this announcement is received by you, the Command team will be working as fast as they can to get the second season up and running. It will play a two months after the events and we are nearing the year switch of 2388.

Onto the fun part for me and hopefully you!
Dedication Citation: 6 Months
- Lieutenant Kalin 'Shae' Brennan PhD
- Gendaylii Liaynore
- Lieutenant JG Zepht

Romance Ribbon
- Ryoko/Elena - For their relationship only to be ripped apart as Ryoko surrendered herself.
- Caradan/Mindo - For their encounters to finally make them both begin to understand the concept of coupling.

Locking Horns
-Entire Crew!

NPC Award
- Ivy Sharzin's NPC (Crewman Ward) - As he was utilized greatly in the bringing aboard, nursing to health, and introduction of Ivy Sharzin.

Treknology Award
- Ziara Rrareth - For her pilotting skills on top of space and warp field mechanics in "Impossible Odds"

Character / Plot Development Award
- Lieutenant Mindo - For his tragic and painful plot of hardship, endurance, and ultimate rebound that was played out all mission long, thus ending in "Truth Revealed".

Medal of Collaboration
- Laurel Oakley (Patch Gunnunderson), Caradan Eunidas (Bradford Keselowsky), Ziara & Riaan Rrareth, Valok Larel, Cailus Griffin, Elena Reis, Mindo, Ivy SHarzin (Peter Ward), Zepht for their collaboration in bringing Ivy Sharzin into the fold in "Not Seeing This Everyday", "A Floral Rescue Pts. 1-3"

Newcomer Award
- Ivy Sharzin - Though we have yet to actually and formally meet said character, the four posts already existing was written exceptionally well and paints an accurate representation of how to handle new and unknown lifeforms upon a First Contact event.

Combat Medal
- Laurel Oakley - For the messy away mission to the Ferengi ship, engaging hostility from among the Ferengi crew, and for returning with all her personnel.

Distinguished Service Medal
- Ryoko Takato - For surrendering and possibly sacrificing herself to the Sovereignty of Kahless in return for the salvation and peaceful departure of her ship and crew in "Impossible Odds."

Purple Heart
- Dana Sutherland - For her injuries and battle for life ensuing from the away mission aboard the Ferengi ship.

Zephram Cochrane Medal of Discovery
- Ivy Sharzin (Peter Ward) - For the discovery of Ivy Sharzin, a vegetation-based sentient lifeform that is now be nursed to health.

Captain’s Choice
- Lieutenant Mindo - For being overly active in multitudinous Joint Posts covering an array of topics and not just his own extended plot arc.

XO's Choice
- Kalin 'Shae' Brennan - Though the incoming XO and Lieutenant Brennan did not share as many JPs this mission, the incoming XO still regards her writing and plot development as exceptional. Great reads.

Writing Proficiency Ribbon
- Caradan Eunidas (Not a fan of nominating myself but if the CO agrees, then so be it) - For continuing her own extended plot arc whilst dropping hints and puzzle pieces for others to pick up and deduce things. Also, for contributing to the plot arcs of others whilst simultaneously improving her own.


With the news that RJ has chosen to step down as First Officer, there are some changes that will affect the USS Tornado in Command structure!
- Laurel Oakley -> Chief Diplomatic Officer
- Caradan Eunidas -> First Officer
- Elena Reis -> Tactical Officer/Second Officer
- Mindo -> Chief Engineering Officer

Congratulations towards everyone that received an award and/or a new position! If you are not one of the people that has not received any award, don't worry you have enough opportunities next mission!

Friendly Regards

Command Team
USS Tornado-C


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