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CO Report July 2016

Posted on Mon Jul 25th, 2016 @ 7:30am by Ryoko Takato

=/\=USS Tornado-C Monthly Report=/\=
=/\= CONTENTS =/\=
1. Command Address
2. Ship Information
3. Quotes of the week
4. Personnel Information
1. =/\= USS Tornado-C Command Address =/\=

The month is rather slow, but nothing else is so true that it is holiday and people actually get stuff to do at home, go on holiday or do something
fun with the family. So who am I to agrue with that and let my crew members take it on the slow pace for once. This will however change begin September
as we will be coming back in the active vibe and continue our mission!

2. =/\= SIM INFORMATION =/\=

The Tornado returns towards Niveq system and docks with the station of Outpost 41 where they are greated by Captain Tauros.
Things were finally settling down at the ship, new crew, new stock and people could finally relax a bit. While Captain
Takato reliefs herself of duty to attend towards her parents funeral process that was being held on the station.
Lieutenant Oakley does the same to attend towards her own family problem at Raeya III and took the shuttle Doppler with her,
while Lieutenant JG Brennan and Lieutenant Zepht traveled with her towards these new problems.

That left Lieutenant JG Eunidas in command of the Tornado, while this was a mere simple task. Things became not so simple for her
when a computer virus started to hit the ship. Meanwhile at the funeral process, Hayashi, the younger sister of Ryoko, received word
of the Klingon ship traveling pass the borders that killed her parents. While she finds Ryoko weak and to loyal towards Federation
goals, she took her out to prevent any risk of this glory redemption. The ship became to defunct everything, personal had no idea
what was going on as Lieutenant JG Eunidas had difficulty with controling the situation. While her home was the Engineering, she
now had to command the Bridge.

Before they knew what hit them, Marines in exo-skeleton suites beamed in and disarmed the Tornado crew fast. As if they were waiting
for something to happen. The Major that Caradan had met earlier with a racist issue, received word and order the beam back towards
Monte Castello. The Tornado is left behind damage in both systems but also honor and pride. What was this all about? Why did they attack?
There were questions to be answered and soon!

3. =/\= QUOTES =/\=
"Absolutely! I served on a Nova Class prior to my recent posting at Starfleet Operations, so I can't wait to get started!"
~ Lieutenant JG Jacen Rendar

"It is a sad fact of reality that life often exists at the cost of other lives. But at least these deaths would be deemed
honorable to the Klingons, worthy of Sto'Vo'Kor," ~ Lieutenant JG Kalin 'Shae' Brennan

"...Nothing to complain about. Though it would be more comfortable if it were a bit warmer" ~ Ensign Rocko Pekk

“No thank you. I'm very particular of where I get my lipstick and I am only fond of certain shades” ~ Lieutenant Laurel Oakley MD

=/\= New Arrivals =/\=
Ensign Kaylee
Petty Officer 3rd Class Dana Sutherland
=/\= Promotions/Reassignment =/\=
=/\= Awards =/\=
=/\= Removed / Resigned =/\=
None, Good!


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