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We Salute You

Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2016 @ 8:20pm by Ryoko Takato

Today we have to stand together, side by side as fellow writers and as friends. Today we have to show our support towards the family, friends and fellow colleagues as one individual person that has lost his life in a car accident.

Today his brother, Jarrod, has informed us of the sad news that ConfusedFire or also known as Captain Kisewe of the USS Argonaut and in real life Patrick has passed away.

He will be missed among us, but rest assure as he will always be with us in the stars and beyond traveling unknown. I, Captain Takato and in real life also Patrick salute you and may rest in peace.

~Captain Takato

PS: Goodbyes and prayers can be wished here:


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Category: Out of Character