Section One - Sim Rating 13+

As per the Bravo Fleet By Laws for Simulation Ratings, we choose to write at a 13+ level. This means we are open for general public and uphold the following rules.
- Sim may only include occasional use of mildly offensive language (cursing)
- Sim may contain violence, but must not contain graphic description of violence or injuries
- Sim may only contain references to sexual conduct, and may not contain description of sexual intercourse or erotic situations.

Section Two - Players

All writers who take part in this simulation must be approved by its Command Staff and is subject to rejection should the character not seem fit be part of the simulation. It is expected of our players to follow the following rules in regards of interacting or communicating with other players.
- Be respectful to each other! Harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated here.
- Communication is important! Please let the CO or XO know if you need to be away. We'll make arrangements that work for everyone.
- Players are expected to post at least once or twice a week (this will not be enforced if players are part of big joint posts that are taking time), and should reply to TAGs promptly within two to three days.
- Make sure to put down a title, time stamp, and location in the appropriate fields in your posts.
- Don't be afraid to talk with the Command Staff if you are having trouble coming up with ideas for posts, or if something is bothering you about the sim. We are here to help you out!
- Writing as part of this simulation takes up one of the six characters outlined in Bravo Fleet By Laws and the Bravo Fleet Constitution.

Removal by Absence
- Players that fail to report after a period of 2 weeks may be consider MIA. Player can only be removed if given proof of two sent private messages and plausible one email towards the player.
- Players that go on (e)loa and fail to report in on the given end day, may be consider MIA. Player can only be removed if the given proof of two sent private messages and plausible one email towards the player
- Near the end of a mission (usually 5 days prior), a role call will be sent to everyone to ascertain whether or not they will continue on to the next mission. Failure to answer the role call will mean your removal from the sim.

Strike System
This system is not to be put in place to correct or discipline players, but to keep things fun and enjoyable for everyone that is part of the community. Plus the below system only is in effect if 2/3 of the Command Team is in favor of the given penalty.

Removal by Code of Conduct
- Players that break the common known rules on the site, has received 3 formal warnings and failed their probation (after warning 2) of 1 month will be removed from the site without pardon
- Players that copy work of other players of other groups/simulations will be removed from the group without pardon

Strike System/Duration
- Strike One: Given by support of 2/3 command team if player breaks rules. Duration 1 month
- Strike Two: Given by support of 2/3 command team if player breaks rules. Duration 6 months
- Strike Three: Given by support of 2/3 command team if player breaks rules. Duration perm

Section Three - Characters

All writers that are part of this simulation have to accept and respect each character that is placed upon this simulation. Please keep yourself focus on the following rules.
- Players own their own characters and NPCs.
- NEVER write for someone else's character unless you have received permission from them.
- If you want to create an NPC in a particular department, make sure to ask the department head first to make sure they're okay with it.
- Please keep in mind the time period you are simming in. Some things which might be normal to say or do today, may not be in the future.

Section Four - LOA/ELOA

When a player requires a LOA/ELOA for personal reasons or events that have occurred within his/her life. Then please inform your Command Team so that we can give you the LOA you require. This way we are able to inform the crew and adjust the story and at your return we will inform you of the status of the mission and help you back into the story.

Section Five - Duties


To ensure the safety of our community in quality and forth living of our story, all new players that are joining us are accepted by Junior positions only and no longer as Chief position. While the Chief position might be open or not taken, this will be closed off by NPC character that is played by a Command Staff member until the given player is able to take responsibility for the Duty Post of his/her department. New players will be accepted by either the rank of Ensign or based on Enlisted year's service time. There is no exception to this rule on any note of any player, we believe in the nature of writing and not in the power of being a Chief or having a high rank.

- Transfer: People that have created and invested time in their character is a case to case special rule. Meaning that the command team will evaluate the given character and grand you the rank you have worked so hard for in that time. We only ask of you to provide us of more details in regards of the transfer or import of the character. We require to know what ship it served, how long it served that ship, given position and the time period you were on it.


As new player you will start at the rank of Ensign or based on Enlisted year's service time. After this we, the command team, will look at your involvement, interaction, character development and contribution on both in character and out character. This will reflect on the end results of plausible awards given out to you for your contribution or rank being lifted higher. It is also possible that you will be offer a higher position such as Assistance of a certain department.


When reaching the rank of Lieutenant, you will be able to step up and take the role of Chief, but this position will not be given to you. You need to ask the Command Staff by private message that you are interested in the position. This means you accept the following responsibility:
- Pro-actively seek to include other playing characters in their sims: You've definitely experienced, by this point, being included in other people’s logs or Joint Posts. It’s time to consider what other characters on your crew that you can bring into your development, and start doing that regularly. This means learning when it’s appropriate, and how to create scenes that make this useful and interesting.
- Participate in one or more OOC activities of the ship: If you’re not familiar with your ship’s OOC areas, talk to your Captain, or First Officer. He or she can tell you if your ship has more than just a website or just a wiki area, and how you can help there. You should also get familiar with the wiki area for your ship, and learn how you can pro-actively contribute things like plot information. If you haven’t already, go to the forums and reply to some of the threads in the forum, or start your own.
- Demonstrate that your writing abilities: are among the best in your simming group and that your written English is proficient such that spelling and grammatical mistakes in sims are uncommon or rare.
- Stay up-to-date on community news: there’s a lot going-on around our community, and staying current with our Community News will help you see the bigger picture of our community, and learn about ways that you can get more involved. You can read the Community News on our website each month.

Second Officer

The position of Second Officer may be hold by anyone with the rank of Lieutenant, this means that you be of a minimal of rank Lieutenant to uphold this second position. If you got a lower rank, your apply for the position (if free) will be declined. Keep in mind that if you take this position in consideration, you also apply for the possibility that you might become a XO or higher of this ship.

Commanding Officer:

As a Captain, you will lead your ship staff in creating plots, facilitate the implementation of those plots with your crew, and work with the crew to become more creative, better writers. You will also work with the staff on your ship to help them continue their journey of their careers in this community.

Your other duties would be the maintenance on the Website, Wiki page and Forum Administration. You will be responsible for recruitment and first contact point for outside communications. The responsibility of one community project falls upon every Command Team member. Patrick will be in lead of Podcasting and Forum Administration.

Executive officer:

As a First Officer, you are the right hand of the Captain. You act as a conduit between the crew and the Captain, you are the principal adviser to the Captain and implementer of the Captain's orders. When the Captain is absence, incapacitation or death you are the Commander of the vessel. Work with the Chief Medical Officer or Counselor on crew evaluations.

Your other duties would be in charge of publicity, this means the contribution of recruitment towards social media or RPG recruitment pages. As part of the Forum , you will also be moderator of the board. The responsibility of one community project falls upon every Command Team member. RJ will be in lead of Crew Management

Second Officer:

The Second officer is third in command of a vessel. He/she may also be required to authorise some commands. Many Second Officers remain department heads within another department such as Operation or Science while they hold the position.

Your other duties would be in charge of the Newsletter, this means that you contribution of events onboard the ship, interviews, awards or promotions and more will be guided by you. Like the First Officer you will also be moderator of the board.